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John Ainsworth [182]
Mary Ann Butcher [192]
(Bef 1793-After 1808)
Joseph Ainsworth [23769]


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Martha Blackman [709] [LHV7-WL9]

Joseph Ainsworth [23769]

  • Born: 1808 Oct 18, England, United Kingdom 1
  • Marriage: Martha Blackman [709] [LHV7-WL9] on 1843 Dec 29 in Bathurst, Bathurst County, New South Wales 1
  • Died: 1885 Nov 18, Raglan, Roxburgh County, New South Wales at age 77 2
  • Buried: Kelso Cemetery, Roxburgh County, New South Wales

bullet   Ancestral File Number: 9SBN-7X. FamilySearch ID: LCZJ-M12.


bullet  Burial Notes:

Holy Trinity Church


bullet  Noted events in his life were:

Advertising: GOLD PURCHASERS, 1851 Jul 26. 3 GOLD PURCHASERS. (1851, July 26). Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal (NSW : 1851-1904), p. 5. Retrieved June 8, 2011, from <http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article62518076>
GOLD PURCHASERS. Independently of what has been purchased at the mines, considerable quantities have been brought to town and sold, Since the purchase of the Hundred weight of gold by Dr. M'Hattie, on behalf of Messrs. Thacker & Co., he has received 100 ozs. from other quarters, 55 ozs. 11 dwts.of which came from one party, con- sisting of Mr. Joseph Ainsworth, farmer, of Macquarie Plains, and his two sons. They had procured the whole in a month at the Turon diggings.

Court, 1851 Dec 17. 3 LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. (1851, December 17). Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal (NSW : 1851-1904), p. 3. Retrieved June 9, 2011, from <http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article62518290>

One of MR. SPAIN'S Detectives. \emdash About a fortnight ago, Mr. Joseph Ainsworth, of Macquarie Plains, enclosed a draft for 53 to the Honorable the Colonial Treasurer, in payment for an allotment of ground purchased at the last land sale. By mistake the postage was not paid, and the letter was accordingly returned. One of the Bathurst police, whose name also was Ainsworth, happening to call at the post office, was asked by the clerk if the letter was his, to which he answered in the affirmative. He then signed the receipt book in the usual form; and departed with the letter in his possession. On the following day (Wednesday) the draft above mentioned was presented to the teller of the Union Bank by Mr. Detective-policeman Ainsworth, who stated that as he had altered his mind with respect to the purpose for which he wanted the draft, he wished to obtain the money. Payment was refused, as the draft which was made payable to the Colonial Treasurer only was not en-dorsed by him. Suspecting something wrong, in- formation of the circumstance was given to the Inspector of Police, who issued instructions for Ainsworth's apprehension, who is now in confinement, when lo, the interesting fact peers out, that this model detective has undergone five convictions, and has graduated from New South Wales to Van Diemen's Land, thence to Norfolk Island, &c., &c., and was finally selected by Mr. Spain as a spy upon the delinquencies of Bathurst scoundrelism. Verily, Mr. Spain, your choice places us under mighty obligations.

Court, 1852 Feb 28. 3 CRIMINAL BUSINESS. (1852, February 28). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842-1954), p. 6. Retrieved June 8, 2011, from <http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article12934699>
Richard Ainsworth was indicted for steal- ing one draft, of the value of 55 3s., and one piece of paper of the value of one penny, of the goods of Joseph Ainsworth, on 10th December last, at Bathurst.
Joseph Ainsworth: Is no relation to pri- soner ; in December last, bought a piece of land from Government ; got a draft for 55 3s., put it in a letter, put it in the Post Office, did not pay the postage ; it was written by Mr. Hughes, and put into the post by wit- ness, on 3rd December ; called at Post Office for an answer ; it was gone ; never authorised prisoner to act for him ; does not know him.
Bernard Francis Hughes : Wrote the letter produced for last witness, on 3rd December last; saw the draft put in, and sealed the letter, and directed it to the Colonial Trea- surer ; gave it to Joseph Ainsworth to post.
George Ferguson, accountant of the Union Bank, at Bathurst: knows Joseph Ainsworth ; gave him a draft in December last ; the draft produced is the draft he got on 3rd December , it was afterwards presented at the Bank by prisoner ; he said that Major Wentworth had sent him with the draft for payment ; witness told him the draft could not be paid, as it was not indorsed ; prisoner went away ; prisoner said it had been returned from Sydney. Dr. Read was with prisoner ; asked to look at draft, and told prisoner he could not get the money for it. Saw Major Wentworth afterwards.
Cross-examined by prisoner : Cannot say whether the draft unendorsed was worth 55 3s. or not.
Cross-examined by the ATTORNEY.GENERAL : It is a security of value ; the paper is worth
one penny.
Michael Connor : Assists in Post Office ;
Joseph Ainsworth posted the letter produced ; it is marked on the back, " refused, not being prepaid" ; prisoner called assiduously every morning in the year; saw prisoner get the letter produced, it was given to him by my wife, out of the Post Office window ; prisoner was outside of the window; this is a receipt signed by prisoner ; asked him to give a receipt ; prisoner afterwards wrote the receipt produced.
Michael M'Cabe : Is a publican ; knows pri- soner ; prisoner gave me a parcel to keep for Major Wentworth ; gave it the same day to Major Wentworth, a few hours after.
D'Arcy Wentworth : Knows prisoner ; he officiated as a clerk in the office of witness ; came up in September ; he was a constable ; knows the draft and letter produced : got them on the 10th December ; saw the letter taken from prisoner's pocket, on the 10th De- cember, in Sullivan's public-house, by the chief constable ; witness laid hold of prisoner's hand, shoved him into a room, and held the prisoner down, while the chief constable took the letter from his pocket ; took prisoner to M'Cabe's ; on the way prisoner said, that all was in the letter when you took it from me ; when near M'Cabe's prisoner put his hands to his eyes, and said, " Oh, I recollect going to M'Cabe; I'll go in and get it"; witness said, he would go himself, and get the bill from M'Cabe ; witness never authorised prisoner to go to the Bank, or get payment of the draft ; never saw the draft till he got it from M'Cabe.
The draft, receipt, and letter, were put in and read.
John Henry Read : Is a surgeon in the Royal Navy, on half-pay ; knows prisoner ; he called on witness on the 9th of December ; witness saw him on the 10th December, and offered to drive prisoner out as he was his patient ; prisoner gave M'Cabe a letter ; asked witness to drive him to the Bank ; while driving they met Connor ; Connor asked prisoner for a receipt for a letter ; prisoner hesitated ; and said, surely you can have no ob- jection to give me a recept upon a bill ; copy the address on the letter, and give it to Mr. Con- nor ; prisoner said he had not the envelope, he had destroyed it ; prisoner said he wished to go the Bank to get cash for a draft he had received from his mother ; witness went into the Bank ; prisoner said they would not cash the bill ; witness looked at it, and said, how can you expect it, it is not indorsed; believes the bill produced to be the bill in question ; left the Bank, and drove prisoner to Kelso ; on the way witness offered him a cheque for 5.
Cross-examined by prisoner : Will not swear that prisoner said he had destroyed the en- velope.
His HONON summed up, and the Jury re- turned a verdict of guilty.
The prisoner was sentenced to hard labour on the roads or other public works of the co- lony for five years.

Court: BATHURST CIRCUIT COURT, 1852 Mar 3. 3 BATHURST CIRCUIT COURT. (1852, March 3). The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser (NSW : 1843-1893), p. 4. Retrieved June 9, 2011, from <http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article673147>
Richard Ainsworth was indicted for stealing a draft of the value of 55 3s., the property of Joseph Ainsworth.
Mr. Joseph Ainsworth had posted a letter to the Colonial Treasurer containing a draft for 55 3s., but the postage not being paid, the letter was returned. Prisoner, who was a con- stable in Major Wentworth's office, got the re- turned letter from the post-office, and endea-voured to pass the draft.
Guilty five years on the roads.

Advertising, 1852 Dec 31. 3 CITY COUNCIL. (1852, December 31). Empire (Sydney, NSW : 1850-1875), p. 2. Retrieved June 9, 2011, from <http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article60136084>
On the 18th instant a draft chestnut horse, a draft grey bow, and a chestnut pony, were stolen from Mr. Joseph Ains-worth, at Macquarie Plains. The robbers are supposed to have gone by the Lachlan for Port Philip.

Land, 1854 Sep 30. 3 No title. (1854, September 30). Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal (NSW : 1851-1904), p. 2. Retrieved June 9, 2011, from <http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article62053657>

Land Sale. \emdash The following town lots were sold by public auction on- the 1 4th Sept., 1854:\emdash 1. John Coffey, 145 2. John and Joseph Windred, 75. 3. Joseph Ainsworth, 60. 4. Joseph Ainsworth, 85. 5. Joseph Ainsworth, 45.

Licence, 1864 Apr 27. 3 THE GOVERNMENT GAZETTE. (1864, April 27). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842-1954), p. 5. Retrieved June 8, 2011, from <http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article13097309>
ACCEPTED TENDERS.-The undermentioned tenders have been accepted by the Government:- ; Joseph Ainsworth, contract No. 7-64,

Advertising: GOVERNMENT GAZETTE, 1873 Dec 24. 3 GOVERNMENT GAZETTE. (1873, December 24). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842-1954), p. 6. Retrieved June 8, 2011, from <http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article13328931>

TRUSTEES.-The undermentioned gentlemen have been appointed as trustees :- Of the portions of land at Raglan, dedicated as sites for a Church of England church and parsonage: The Right Rev. the Bishop of Bathurst, the Rev. Arthur Cass, Messrs, Joseph Ainsworth, sen., Joseph Ainsworth, jun., and George Churches.

Licence, 1885 Feb 25. 3 LICENSING COURT. (1885, February 25). Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal (NSW : 1851-1904), p. 2. Retrieved June 8, 2011, from <http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article62015545>

An application for the transfer of the license of the Raglan Hotel, Raglan, from Joseph Ains- worth to Thomas Gorman.\emdash Sub-inspector Car- roll reported that Gorman was not a fit and proper person to hold a license, as he was given to drink himself. In answer to Mr. Thompson who appeared in support of the application, witness said he had frequently seen Gorman under the influence of drink. \emdash Mr. Thompson produced numerous testimonials from residents in Bathurst in Gorman's favour. \emdash The sub- inspector further reported that the house re-quired several improvements, and was not quite up to Standard.\emdash Mr. Ainsworth said he, was prepared to make any improvements pointed out.\emdash The P.M. said he had always held that a publican given to drink should not be allowed to hold a license, and certainly a man should not be granted a license unless he was a sober man.\emdash Mr. Gorman said he would conduct him- self properly it the license were granted.\emdash The application was refused.

Probate: SUPREME COURT, 1886 Feb 26. 3 LAW REPORT. SUPREME COURT.\emdash THURSDAY, FEB. 25. (1886, February 26). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842-1954), p. 4. Retrieved June 9, 2011, from <http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article13612551>

His Honor granted probates in the wills of the follow- ing:-Joseph Ainsworth, 3405;


Joseph married Martha Blackman [709] [LHV7-WL9] [MRIN: 17121], daughter of James Blackman [442] [KFKK-LGY] and Elizabeth Harley [311] [KFKK-LGT], on 1843 Dec 29 in Bathurst, Bathurst County, New South Wales.1 (Martha Blackman [709] [LHV7-WL9] was born on 1813 Jul 15 in Richmond, Cumberland County, New South Wales,4 died on 1901 Aug 1 in Raglan, Roxburgh County, New South Wales, Australia and was buried on 1901 Aug 2 in Kelso, Roxburgh County, New South Wales, Australia 5.)

bullet  Noted events in their marriage were:

Registration: Marriage, 1843, Bathurst, Bathurst County, New South Wales. 6 V18431813 76/1843

bullet  Marriage Notes:

Bathurst, St Stephen's Presberterian Church.



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