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John Cramp [609]
(Bef 1742-Bef 1828)
Ann Duke [290]
Jury Cramp [234]
Mary Anne Edmonds [3946]
(1802-After 1851)
Josiah Cramp [776]


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Naomi Francis [5190] [KH3F-V26]

Josiah Cramp [776] 1

  • Born: 1826 Oct 12, Bexhill, Sussex, England, United Kingdom 2
  • Christened: 1826 Nov 18, Bexhill, Sussex, England, United Kingdom
  • Marriage: Naomi Francis [5190] [KH3F-V26] on 1853 Mar 5 in Goulburn, Argyle County, New South Wales, Australia
  • Died: 1893 Oct 11, True Blue, Croydon, Queensland at age 66 3
  • Buried: 1893 Oct 12, Croydon, , Queensland 4

bullet   Cause of his death was Carcinoma Ventriculi.2

bullet   Another name for Josiah was Josiah Edmonds.

bullet   FamilySearch ID: L4QW-92K.


bullet  Burial Notes:

Croydon Cemetery


bullet  Noted events in his life were:

Immigration, 1833 Nov 15, Sydney, Cumberland County, New South Wales. on Rubicon. Ship departed Londond 6 Jun 1833, and Cape of Good Hope 23 Sep 1833.

living, 1867, From 1867. Josiah and family changed their names from Cramp to Edmonds when they moved to Queensland in 1867. This is because they wanted no one to track them. Josiah had been charged with stealing sheep. His whole family skipped the state.

Newspaper: An Ancient Charge at Crookwell, 1887 May 31, Goulburn District, New South Wales. 5 An Ancient Charge at Crookwell. (1887, May 31). Goulburn Evening Penny Post (NSW : 1881 - 1940), p. 2. Retrieved April 2, 2013, from <http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article98468447>

An Ancient. Charge at Crookwell.

A CURIOUS arrest was made at Crookwell on
Sunday by Senior-sergeant Maguire. In the
latter end of 1866 a man named Joshua Cramp
was arrested on a charge of sheep-stealing from
a settler named McKenzie, near Tuena. The
accused was brought up at the Tuena Police
Court, and committed for trial in April, 1867.
He was admitted to bail in 100, but did not
appear at the court, and was supposed to have
gone to Queensland. Nothing was heard of him
till a few weeks ago, when it appears that a
man believed to be Cramp returned to his former
haunts, where he was dropped upon by
Maguire. Most of the witnesses are now
dead, but the depositions are available, and he
will be brought up at the court on Tuesday.

Other: Goulburn Herald, 1887 Jun 2, Goulburn, Argyle County, New South Wales. 6 CRAMP, Josiah Goulburn Herald Thurs 2-6.1887
CROOKWELL POLICE Jos Cramp, senior, was brought before the Bench this morning Won a charge of sheep steeling and remanded to Tuena. The facts of the case are of a very unusual and rather sensational character. The prisoner some twenty years ago was arrested for sheep stealing, was out on remand on bail (himself in 200 pounds and two swedes of 100 pounds each) and absconded, one surety having to pay up, but singular to relate the other bondsman was a minor and escaped payment. About a month ago the prisoner returned to these parts to see some of his relatives, thinking that from the lapse of time no action would be taken, and in fact states that he thought there would have been he have given himself up to the police. Having, as before stated, been in the neighbourhood for a month he was about leaving for his wife and family in Queensland tomorrow, but was arrested on Wednesday last at his brother-in-law's the warrant dated April 1867, being at Tuena and put in force. The prisoner, it may be said, is now 61 years old, being 41 years old at the date of the offence, and has since that time established himself and family in comfortable circumstances in Queensland

Other: Goulburn Herald, 1887 Jul 30, Goulburn, Argyle County, New South Wales. 6 Goulburn Herald, Sat 30.7.1887
THE CASE OF JOSIAH CRAMP At the Bathurst Quarter-sessions on Tuesday, the case of Josiah Cramp, which has attracted considerable attention on account of the length of time which has elapsed since the Commission of the offence came on for trial before His Honor Judge Docker. We quote from the report of the Bathurst Times:- Josiah Cramp, on bail, an old man, was charged with having, on 22nd December, 1866, at the Abercrombie, stolen 188 sheep, the property of John McKenzie. [Prisoner, who was defended by Mr Davidson, solicitor, of Goulburn, pleaded not guilty. [Stewart Laverty, sheep owner, son of the late John Laverty of Tuena, deposed that his father in 1866 had bought certain sheep from Cramp, which were afterwards claimed by McKenzie. [Cross examined: the picking of the sheep at Cramps was made in broad daylight the price paid was eight shillings a sheep, and it was rather high. [James Hall, JP, of Tuena that twenty years ago prisoner was brought before him on a charge of sheep-stealing; he was remanded several times on bail and evidence was taken but after the last remand prisoner disappeared, the depositions produced were taken before witness; the information and warrant for the apprehension of the prisoner for deserting from his bail (produced) were signed by witness. [{The depositions of the late John McKenzie of the Abercrombie River and of the late John Laverty (or Lafferty) of Tuena taken in 1867, were then read to the jury, showing that the sheep wore traced by McKenzie to Laverty's who said he had bought them from the prisoner, Josiah Cramp. The warrant for Cramp's apprehension for failing to answer his bail was also read.) [Senior Sergeant Maguire, stationed at Crookwell, deposed to the arrest of prisoner in May last; prisoner admitted that his name was Josiah Cramp, and that he had deserted from his bail twenty-one years ago, he also said, 'if I did not want to give myself up I would not have come back;' Prisoner told witness he had last come from Brisbane. [Cross examined: witness was six weeks in the district before he was arrested. [This closed the case for theCrown. [Mr Davidson asked His Honor to direct the jury that there was no case against the prisoner as two months had elapsed between the loss of the sheep and the tracing of a few of them to the possession of the prisoner. [His Honor declined to direct an acquittal, as no time need be specified. [Mr Davidson then addressed the jury, and in a humorous but forcible speech, held that there was no evidence against his client who had sold some sheep to a neighbour, Laverty, in the light of day, although the stolen sheep were advertised for at the time. He thought that after the lapse of so many years, the police might have left the prisoner alone. [The Crown-Prosecutor having replied, His Honor summed up. He said it
was not often a case came before a jury after the lapse of 21 years, though such a lapse of time did not justify an acquittal if a crime had been committed. [The jury, after a retirement of an hour and a half, returned a verdict of guilty, with a recommendation to mercy. [His Honor, in passing sentence, said the conduct of the prisoner at the time of the offence pointed to his guilt He would give effect to the recommendation of the jury, as the prisoner had already suffered banishment from his home for 21 yers. This case was an exemplification of the words. The mills of the Gods grind slowly but they grind exceeding small! [The sentence of M court was that prisoner be imprisoned in Bathurst Jail with hard labour, for six months.

Other: Goulburn Herald, 1887 Aug 16, Goulburn, Argyle County, New South Wales. 7 Goulburn Herald, Tuesday 16.8.1887
Supreme Court, Fri August 12, Before the FULL COURT
Mr Davis, Instructed by Mr Ferguson, appeard for the prisoner, and Mr Harris instructed by the Crown Solicitor, in support of the conviction. In this case the accused, Josiah Cramp, was tried before His Honor Judge Docker at the late Bathurst Quarter-sessions on a charge of stealing 188 sheep, the property of Mohn MacKenzie of the Abercrombie, and, on conviction received a sentence of 6 months imprisonment with hard labour. The date on which the offence was alleged to have been committed was 22nd December 1866, and it appeard that on the 28th March 1867 the accused was arrested, and the eveidence against him partially taken at the police court. Before any committal or trial took place, prisnor absconded from his bail, and was not heard of again until this year. On the 30th May last he was rearrested. Since 1867 however, two important witnesses, John Mackenzie and John Laverty - have died; but Mr James Hall, JP, who heard the case 20 years ago, stated that the dispositions in question were signed by Mackenzie and Laverty in the presence of the prisoner, who had an opportunity for cross examining them, and that as a matter of fact he did cross examine them. Mr Davidson, who appeared for the prisoner, contended that the depositions should not have been admitted, and it was not proved that the witness had given their evidence on oath. The object was overruled, but his honor, at the request of the attourney, reserved the point for the decision of the Full Court. The Court held that there was nothing in the point. The depositions were producedm, and appeared regular in every way. The magistrate was called, and stated that they were taken before him in the presence of the accused who had an opportunity of cross examining the witnesses. If it had been proved that the depositions had been originally not been taken under oath it would be a different thing, that that had not been done, and they must assume that they were regularly taken until the contrary was shown. That being so the conviction must be sustained. Appeal dismissed, and convition sustained.

Registration: Death, 1893, Queensland. 8 1893/C628
Jury Edmonds
Mary Anne - ** born England aged 67 years

Other: Crookwell Gazette, 1894 Nov 7, Crookwell, King County, New South Wales. 7 Crookwell Gazette, Wed 7.11.1894 FULLERTON NEWS - OBITUARY From Queensland we bear that Mr Josiah Cramp is dead. The deceased was at one time a well-known and respected resident of this district He leaves a wife and grown-up family at Croydon, besides a great number of relatives in the Binda district Mr Cramp was brother-in-law to Mr T Francis of Little Meadow, Abercrombie River.

Other: Goulburn Herald, 1894 Nov 7, Goulburn, Argyle County, New South Wales. 7 Goulburn Herald Wed 7.11.1894 GENERAL NEWS Mr Josiah Cramp, once a well-known resident of Fullerton and Binda districts is reported to have dad in Croydon, Queensland, leaving a wife and grown-up family. d 11.10.1893 as James Edmunds, wife Naomi Francis, father of Charles 1864, Josiah 1858, Catherine 1860, Jane 1862, Richard 1864, Bridget 1866, Thomas 1869, Alfred 1872.

Newspaper: CROOKWELL, 1894 Nov 10, Goulburn District, New South Wales. 9 CROOKWELL. (1894, November 10). Goulburn Evening Penny Post (NSW : 1881 - 1940), p. 4. Retrieved April 2, 2013, from <http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article98521246>

The death is reported from Queensland of
Mr. Josiah Cramp, at one time a well-known
and respected resident of Fullerton district.


Josiah married Naomi Francis [5190] [KH3F-V26] [MRIN: 3478], daughter of Thomas Francis [18129] and Catherine Berrell [18130], on 1853 Mar 5 in Goulburn, Argyle County, New South Wales, Australia. (Naomi Francis [5190] [KH3F-V26] was born on 1838 Feb 28 in Binda Vale Creek, Georgiana County, New South Wales, died on 1896 Dec 9 in North Croydon, Queensland and was buried on 1896 Dec 11 in Croydon, , Queensland 2.)

bullet  Noted events in their marriage were:

Registration: Marriage, 1853, New South Wales. 10 V1853797 39C/1853



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