Malicious Sources

For the second time my site has fallen foul of some filter. This time it was the faceless people a Blue Coat have decided that my web site is unworthy. This time they accuse me of being a malicious source.

Access Denied (policy_denied)

Your request was categorized by Blue Coat Web Filter as . . . → Read More: Malicious Sources

Home Alone

The girls have become afraid to be left alone. I blame a bunch of movies, the home alone series and particularly baby’s day out. They are now afraid some thieves will come and kidnap them and won’t even let us be an a different floor. This is what happens in baby’s day out. . . . → Read More: Home Alone


The right front main headlight blew a bulb. Apparently this is a bit of a known issue on the diesel version of the i30, which is the one we have.

Interestingly the light overlap of the headlights is so good that we did not notice. It was only when Andrew told . . . → Read More: Headlamps

Observation Tuesday – creation myth

For a long time the earthlings needed to have fictional creation myths. Be it a snake, god or gods. But then they learned that these myths were not true because science worked out a theory. The theory still has holes. But unlike the myths it is not simply a fiction.

Wikipedia Protest

Photo Mondays – 2012 January 9 – Cave Buddah iPhone 4 cover

My second of these covers for sale. From the same place and time as the first.

MSG #22 – Christmas Festivity @ Misky Cravings

We headed out to distant Misky Cravings in Fairfield. This as in part as Yacinta has just been to Peru. Cetrainly the food was very good and much more of a cultural mix that I would have ever thought. My favourite was certainly the Purple Corn Juice. Which apparently is the source of . . . → Read More: MSG #22 – Christmas Festivity @ Misky Cravings

2011 July 29 Photos

This photo seems to be lost. I guess it was taken a week before. It is of Pearl, Krysta and Teresa and some stranger’s dog in Mount Dandenong Village.

Really Really Redit

This is the kind of thing that happens when kids have iPhones… 🙂

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Commenting Thursdays – 2011 May 19

Exactly What Does Your iPhone or iPad Record About You?

Also, the tower selected can be different based on geography. For instance here in Sydney there is a harbour. Often the phone thinks you are on the other side of the harbour as there is a better line of sight across the . . . → Read More: Commenting Thursdays – 2011 May 19