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Supper #16 – Duke Bistro

The food was a mixed bag, the table that put us on was horrible. It was too small, too many tables squashed into the space. Very noisy. Pork bellies were not good, too chewy. Otherwise, food was ok. But not great apart from the fish with gin and tonic, which was excellent. I . . . → Read More: Supper #16 – Duke Bistro

short sighted

I have been short sighted for a long time, since I was in my teen years. I watched the interest of laser eye surgery with interest but I have never taken up the option. This is for a few reasons: Initially I was concerned with the long term effects. Although the doctors said that . . . → Read More: short sighted

bad driving

This morning I pulled out onto South Dowling Street, a ute (ao75ng) was approaching along south dowling with it’s left indicator on. So I pulled out in front of it. Many cars turn left at that point. The male driver came up on my left and glared at me, and then pulled in front of . . . → Read More: bad driving

Bucket of Meterology

According to the BOM (Bureau of Meteorology) we have had 0.6mm of rain since 9AM yesterday. But according to another BOM (Bucket of Meteorology, conveniently located on the north balcony) we had about 1.5 to 2.0 cm of rain. (unfortunaltey the Bucket of Meteorology is a somewhat crude and not calibrated technology.)

. . . → Read More: Bucket of Meterology

In Your Face

Some of the mob from the SPB decided to have a show of portraits. They shot each other because it put them on both sides of the camera. It was a good night and there is a documentary movie that was shown on the night. Even better still it was held about 200 meters from . . . → Read More: In Your Face


According to the BOM (Bureau of Meteorology) we have had 9.8mm of rain since 9AM yesterday. But according to another BOM (Bucket of Meteorology, conveniently located on the north balcony) we only had about 2-3 mm of rain.


Well I just watched a documentary on the effect of the Springbok tour of NZ in 1981 (I think) and the immense impact it had on the overall process in South Africa. But it raises many questions and points.

The ANC was a banned organization. How many other organizations that are currently banned will go . . . → Read More: springboks

Melbourne Cup

Well it can’t be long now. This is on the wall of the pub across the road.

photo shoot

I did my first shoot up in the Blue Mountains with the group of photographers. I have quite some learning to do about how to set up photos and work with the models, but I was able to learn quite a lot from the others. I am not used to portrait shots, and I spent . . . → Read More: photo shoot

want or need?

When in BeiJing in 1999, I was wandering back from the CBD to my accommodation at BeiJing University. Rather than go the direct route, I headed off to one side to see what was there. I did not know it at the time, but this was supposedly a more disreputable part of town.

I came . . . → Read More: want or need?