Teresa’s first text message

Inspired by the messaging exploits of her older sister, Teresa sent her first text message. She loved the messaging system, but found it a bit difficult to use as she had difficulty getting back to the same spot and was driven to tears of frustration a few times.

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Breakfast at the Shed

The next morning a smaller number of us gathered back at the Narooma Sports and Game Fishing Club for breakfast. A simple affair of Bacon, Eggs, Toast and some baked potato from the night before that had been grilled to warm it up.

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Enid and Phil’s 50th Wedding Anniversary

I was pleased and perhaps a little surprised to receive the invitation to Phil and Enid Potter’s 50th wedding anniversary, but delighted to be able to go. Enid is my Aunty, my mother’s sister. The potters are amongst my favourite relatives and I spent many years at Lightwood, which in the latter years . . . → Read More: Enid and Phil’s 50th Wedding Anniversary

A meeting with Relatives.

Driving back to Sydney, I stopped to meet some relatives in Longwood. Little did I know that my cousin had lived in wendy court in West Sunshine most of her life. I had lived in Sanders Aveneue for over 6 years. The longest I have ever lived in one place. Wendy Court is . . . → Read More: A meeting with Relatives.

Visiting Relatives

Kirsten’s Step Father, Vlad, came over to visit. We chatted for quite a while.

Other Things Wednesdays – 2011 June 15

I did a bit of maintenance on the family history file today, for the first time in what is probably too long a time. Here is list of places purged from my place names list:

Unused Locations that have been purged Maryborough, New Zealand Batugaha, Malaysia Goodna, Queensland Banana Cemetery, Banana Shire, Queensland, Australia Primbee . . . → Read More: Other Things Wednesdays – 2011 June 15

Family History Tuesdays – 2010 July 27

My cousins over at the Kable Mob have moved their site.

Evergreen Taoist Church and Yui Ming Temple

Well, I was determined to learn more about my grandfather’s tomb inscriptions. I headed back to the Yui Ming Temple in Retreat Street, Alexandria. But as the woman there said, there are only old men and women here. The man again said that they do not know. Apparently I should have known that . . . → Read More: Evergreen Taoist Church and Yui Ming Temple

Graves of the grand parents

Well this page will be a work in progress. I have been trying to translate the grave stones for my grandfather and great grand father. This page is to assist with that translation and when it is complete I hope to have the full translation. I have uploaded full size images of the . . . → Read More: Graves of the grand parents

Dinner with Victor

We headed north and had dinner with my dad’s old friend, Victor. He seemed quite pleased to see me, and I was pleased to see him.