A day at Menglembu

Well this was what the trip was all about. Meeting he family and going to the places where my Father and Grandparents had lived. So many little snippets of information. With the Genealogy I had done on my mums tree, I knew to expect conflicting stories, often based on simple misinterpretations. I had . . . → Read More: A day at Menglembu


I spent some time at peoples houses and looked at the portraits of my grandfather and his first wife. In this first image is Swee Yap with his first wife, men wen and their two daughters.

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Yap Temple

I was wandering around Georgetown with our little group. We were heading to a temple. While looking for it we came to the Yap family temple. I am suspicious that some of the others knew it was there. But I did not know it existed. So I went inside to have a look. . . . → Read More: Yap Temple

Beyond the Sea

Well, I never knew about this in 2004 Grant Olding arranged for a musical about Hannah Stanley and her friend, who were sentenced to death for stealing in London and later transported to NSW. Hannah is my third great grand mother.

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finding my great grand mother

Annie Marjoram has been a great mystery in the family. My grandmother did not even know she had been nicked from her real mother until at about aged 60 she went to get her birth certificate. It turned out that she did not exist! After some questions were asked, the lies were revealed and she . . . → Read More: finding my great grand mother

Posts Ruby Wedding Anniversary

It was good to catch up with some cousins I have not seen in a long time, some of who had had children. There were no children last time we met and the oldest was 14 years old. The celebration was held in Wodonga. I took the opportunity to travel back along the Murray Valley . . . → Read More: Posts Ruby Wedding Anniversary

Who do you think you are?

Last night on SBS was a TV show about AFL announcer Dennis Cometti. He and I share a great great great grand-mother – the convict Hannah Stanley. She is our direct line maternal grandmother. So all of my relatives, descended from Lorna Marks, are also cousins of Dennis.

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Alicia receives a Young Citizen of the Year award

my niece receiving her award.

IMG_0740, originally uploaded by SPAK1971.

“aus nsw alicia dsc05086” by yewenyi [?]

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London to Dublin

Arriving in Shooter’s Hill I visit the site, now a War Hospital of the 80 room mansion called Hazelwood House, which belonged to the father George Harley, father of Elizabeth Harley (1765-1842). They are Great…Grandparents.

I then meet up with Wendy who has arrived from Europe. We visit Harrods. On the . . . → Read More: London to Dublin

Saxons and Normans

Sussex is where several of my ancestors lived. The Norman descended ancestors, who connected into the family in Australia only a few generations back. The Anglo-Saxon ancestors are from the Cramp side. My Marks side members also come from Sussex, but Marks is a Jewish name. We do not know if they . . . → Read More: Saxons and Normans