HSSI is pronounced hissy, this is a type of interface used in data communications. It stands for High Speed Serial Interface. It was never common, and is becoming less so. We used to have some in our network and you would hear me on the mobile phone talking about HSSI connections. Of course it is . . . → Read More: HSSI

wierdness about middle names

I come from a Chinese Malaysian background and spent my early life in the newly separated Singapore. For chinese people middle names are a vital part of our name and are freely told to everyone. In fact when we are more formal, we use our middle names. My name is Yap . . . → Read More: wierdness about middle names


SS Dickey

from a certain point of view, going down with the ship looks like suicide.

uncles and aunties

Uncle Tony

In the culture where I come from, Uncle and Aunty are often used as an honorific. If you have adults who are close friends of the family, they are honoured by calling them uncle and aunty. So it was a bit of a shock when I discovered that people here . . . → Read More: uncles and aunties

of the french (again)

People keep on telling me that to like the french is to want to have an affair. They also say that to be Greek is to be gay. I do not think like this, but assuming that we take this to be true then the following must also be true:

To like the British is . . . → Read More: of the french (again)

the opposite of smart


It seems that they have only just worked this out. Certainly lots of people are talking about it.

In my mind, the opposite of smart is stupid.

Now, I know that most of these people don’t think this. But they must be bit slow to think that I think of it in the . . . → Read More: the opposite of smart

mexicans and other types of north americans…

naked mexican

If you are a Mexican because you like to be on the bottom, does that mean that being an American means you like to be in the middle and being a Canadian mean that you like being on top? Kind of a north American sandwich.

. . . → Read More: mexicans and other types of north americans…



I have always considered the opposite of friend to be enemy. But in Sydney they think that it is acquaintance.

. . . → Read More: friends

Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions – all on a sesame seed bun

In Kaohsiung, I was walking down the street. I decided to stop off for lunch in MacDonalds. I could see they had a special where if you said their jingle, in Chinese, you would get the special. I can’t remember what the special was.

The woman a the counter slid the . . . → Read More: Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions – all on a sesame seed bun

Taiwan train tickets and bus stop signs

I was always taught that in Taiwan they use traditional Chinese Characters (繁體字). So it was a shock to me to find that while the train tickets had station names in traditional characters on them, the train stations themselves used Simplified Characters (简体字) on their signage. This caused me to rapidly get good . . . → Read More: Taiwan train tickets and bus stop signs