Cooks River Cycleway – Canterbury Road to Wolli Creek

Coocks River Cycleway

I did my first ride up the Cooks River Cycleway. It is quite well constructed and they are doing more to upgrade the track. Some sections are closed with detours while they fix up the foreshore.

Apparently the Cooks River is the most polluted river in Sydney . . . → Read More: Cooks River Cycleway – Canterbury Road to Wolli Creek

killing terrorists in their sleep


people in the western suburbs of Sydney (say around 2003-2004) who think that, in a game we were playing, where we were the americans, decided that it was ok to burst into a building and kill people in their sleep on the grounds that they were probably muslim terrorists. I find the whole . . . → Read More: killing terrorists in their sleep

travelers beware

be warned according to the guards on the bridge: …All was ok until a security guard asked me to leave the bridge, as you are not allowed to take photos of ‘bridge infrastructure’…

Here are some of the aforesaid evil photos of the bridge.

“Views on the Sydney Harbour Bridge” by yewenyi [?]

“Sydney . . . → Read More: travelers beware

A terrible place for children

I used to do a bit of geocaching. When doing this, I’d take my camera around and take photos of the places we cached. Often the caches were in somewhere interesting to make the caching more interesting. But there was a down side. People, particularly in the hills district are fearful of people with cameras. . . . → Read More: A terrible place for children

throwing stones

NSW has a problem with people throwing stones which does not exist in other state. What is wrong with these people? The problem is so great that the state government thinks that it is necessary to put up fences over the freeways. I am not sure how this helps as a stone thrower . . . → Read More: throwing stones

Belly dancers

One of the differences between Melbourne and Sydney people is that people in Sydney will always growl disapproval at belly dancers. We’re better than people who like things like that is what they say.


People in Sydney are often like little robots. If you mention a country you will automatically get some basically racist response.

It is impossible in Sydney to talk about New Zealand without some stupid dork mentioning sheep. It is impossible in Sydney to talk about vending machines in Japan without some stupid dork mentioning teenage . . . → Read More: Impossibilities

Rooty Hill

Back when I first came to Sydney, some 10 years ago, people would talk about Rooty Hill. They would ask if I would live there. At the time I thought they were talking about some Christian religions as I knew the north east was the home to groups like Hill Song and the Latter Day . . . → Read More: Rooty Hill

Dubbo and Yass

People in Sydney react very strangely when I talk about the towns of Dubbo and Yass. I wonder why. Dubbo gets a much bigger response. It is on no….

On a similar vane, apparently Broken Hill is a very suitable place and Bourke is not.

an ode to sheep

In theory this should apply equally to Melbourne as it does to Sydney, but people in Melbourne think it is funny, so do I, people in Sydney do not and are very narrow minded.

When I speak of sheep, I am mostly talking about the ones with 4 legs and who are impossible to herd . . . → Read More: an ode to sheep