I like cheese, French people like cheese, Melbournians like cheese, Sydenysiders do not like cheese. That is very very sad

traffic problems

People in Sydney are perhaps rightfully concerned with traffic problems.

1. One man, in Paddington, was very concerned with traffic in Parramatta. 2. Another man, in Penrith, was concerned and wanted to put up cameras in high traffic areas.

Living in a prison

A long time ago people, in Melbourne talked of living within glass walls. To give the impression of having freedom, while not having that much freedom. The Melbourne I remember as a child was one of high brick walls topped with barbed wire. But most of these walls have been pulled down. This . . . → Read More: Living in a prison

men from manilla

people in Sydney have a strange aversion manilla in the Philippines, and in particular, men from there. I fist noticed this in early 2000. It has become stronger over time. some people have quite a strong phobia. It sounds like it may be racism. I am not sure. It is weird.

cosmopolitan or multicultural

One thing I always liked about Melbourne was how multicultural it was and how far it had come in this regard to when I first arrived there in about 1969. So it was a bit of a culture shock to step back in time by arriving in Sydney. Here are a few things that have . . . → Read More: cosmopolitan or multicultural

Hairy Backs

People in Sydney have this bizarre dislike of people with hairy backs.


Before I lived in Sydney, I used to travel here frequently for work. I have never liked traveling by taxi and I have always though sydney taxi drivers are the worst in Australia. The reason is that they would try and determine if you were from Sydney. If you were not they would take you . . . → Read More: taxis


People in Sydney add prawns to try to sell foreign food that the locals may not want to eat. They never do it to their own food. I cannot stand this because I am allergic to prawns and constantly have to ask if someone has unexpectedly added prawns to my meal. For example the other . . . → Read More: Prawns


I have always though as foreigners as being people from other places. Hence I am eternally a foreigner. But here is Sydney they seem to have come bizarre other meaning. I have not worked it out yet. Feel free to post it here if you know it. I know that the people in Melbourne sometimes . . . → Read More: foreigners

disliking the lebanese

This has mostly stopped now, but when I first came to Sydney in 1997 and for many years there after, there was a vicious hatred of the lebanese community in particular and arabs in general particularly in the media and from politicians.