Other things Thursdays – passwords

Passwords would be more secure if they had to contain:

One upper case character One lower case character One Latin character One number One symbol One music note One hanji character One hirigana character One emoji One Tamil character One currency symbol One Thai character One Sanskrit character One hieroglyph symbol One runic character One . . . → Read More: Other things Thursdays – passwords

The Effect of Hurricane Sandy on the Internet

Letting out all the water

While camped at the Warburton caravan park, I was annoyed to find that the river was being kept at just below the minor flood level. It meant that the girls could not go swimming in the river as the current was swift.

I was also surprised to see that the dam upstream, the Upper . . . → Read More: Letting out all the water

Observation Tuesday – Myki

Myki process:

Touch on. Myki reader says error – touch on again. I feel bad. Sigh. If I must. I guess I must. Touch on again. Myki reader says – you already did that.