Lest we forget the soldiers who fought in the Korean Police Action who were therefore denied the same pensions and benefits as people who fought in a normal war would be entitled.


Lest we forget the Torres Straight Islanders who fought for this country in World War II, in larger percentages than the rest of the population, even though they were only paid half what a white Australian would be paid.


Lest we forget the stolen generations and the societies thus dismembered who still fought for this country even given their rightful grievances.

Commenting Thursdays – 2011 May 26

The Case for Cursive

I read lots of historic documents and it is very difficult to read them anyway because the cursive writing was different back then. Luckily I learned using the NSW rather than the Victorian cursive system and this helps as most of the documents are written in NSW. . . . → Read More: Commenting Thursdays – 2011 May 26

a long history of WWII

Britain and France joined the war to free Poland, which had been invaded by Germany an Russia. For a while Germany kicked out the Russians, and then the Russians kicked out Germany. In the end Poland was only freed in 1989. So WWII ended in 1989 even though the fighting ended much earlier. . . . → Read More: a long history of WWII

The canals were full of rats

One of my friends today left a photo of canal barges in ice in Hamburg and reminded me of a story I was told by a German woman who had lived in Hamburg during the bombings, while we were in China. She said that the bombing was a good thing because they used . . . → Read More: The canals were full of rats

Operation Barbarossa

The Germans attacked the Russians expecting then to collapse like the French did. But they didn’t and the Germans lost.