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The Good Earth

The van has always, well since we got it, had a bit of a problem with rough idling. Various mechanics have noted it. The people at Burwin Volkswagen said that there were wild fluctuations in the injector pressure and suspected that it might be the bearings in the bearings of the fuel . . . → Read More: The Good Earth

Relo fixes

It has been an expensive time for fixing the Relo. Previously we had replaced the battery. The RACV battery man thought when testing it after he put in the new battery that the alternator was not working properly. But his machine said that the alternator was good and that the starter motor was . . . → Read More: Relo fixes

School camp

The primaries at Sherbrooke Community School went on a school camp on the school oval. It had been an idea of one of the parents.

I had been sick all week. But managed to make an appearance at the set up time.

There was much excitement . . . → Read More: School camp

Stuck in Carnegie

I drove to Carnegie as I was expecting to pick Brutus up from the vet. But in the end that wasn’t necessary.

When I tried to drive home? the battery finally died. The RACV could not even jump start it. After replacing the battery everything was fine. Though . . . → Read More: Stuck in Carnegie

Relo update

Back from the service men at Volkspower. They worked on the sump to stop the oil leaks. Replaced the front left arm that holds the wheel on. Ordered a new front right headlight and gasket from Germany. Cleaned the transmission do later they can see where the oil leak is in that and worked out . . . → Read More: Relo update

Relo’s first service

Put the Relo in for its first service since we took ownership. This is something we should have done before we went to Sydney, but there was no time.

I had been expecting that fixing the van would cost quite some money. We knew before we got it that it had some oil leaks. . . . → Read More: Relo’s first service

9 power outlets

We got the relo only a short time before we were due to go away. I took it down to Lilydale Auto Electrics who had helped me out of a bind before when the electric window on the ford would not wind up.

The problem with the relo . . . → Read More: 9 power outlets

Death of the CV joint

It was with some trepidation and excitement that we drove the relo up to Sydney. We had only just purchased it and it is old with a lot of kilometers on the clock. Also, it had minimal maintenance over the last 100,000 km.

As we pulled into Holbrook off the highway . . . → Read More: Death of the CV joint

The New (old) Van

We have been talking about buying a van since before I moved down to Kalorama. But being cash strapped we were unable to do do. Also, some searches of the internet showed that there was not much around that was what we wanted. Then in a piece of serendipity both problems went away . . . → Read More: The New (old) Van

Drama at Vic Roads

I headed off to Vic Roads in Tally Ho this morning to change my car Rego and Drivers Licence from NSW to Victoria. I arrived a little early and took off the old number plates. I was about 20th in the queue to get in the door at 8:30 for my 8:35 appointment. . . . → Read More: Drama at Vic Roads