Seymour Garden Show

With a bit of planning and prompting, we headed up to the Seymour Flower Show for a second time running.

I headed out with the girls and picked up Lila and Teva. We then drove up to Yea to have a lunch stop.

As we approached Yea, there were . . . → Read More: Seymour Garden Show

A problem with the theme

My normal theme seems to be broken. So I have put it back to the default one for now. I’ll get the latest update of my normal theme soon and go back to normal viewing.

Tampering and theft

On Saturday night or Sunday (27/28 Novemeber) morning someone came into the car park. They stole the front wheel off the kiddie trailer which has upset the children very much. They also tried to dismantle the trike. I do not know why. They took off the rear rack, disconnected one gear cable and . . . → Read More: Tampering and theft

A test post

From the iPhone to confirm that this software works.


I have a geo map page on the main menu bar that shows where the posts are about, for posts that are about a place. Sometimes I am now also adding a map on the post itself.

WPtouch iPhone Theme


I have changed the mobile theme of this blog to the WPtouch iPhone Theme. It lets you leave comments.

mobile friendly

I downloaded a WordPress mobile switching theme so this blog will appear in a mobile friendly format if you are using such a device. It also allows you to switch back the full web site theme.

. . . → Read More: mobile friendly

Upgraded to WP2.8

I upgraded from 2.7 to 2.8 and felt very afraid. I am very new to word press. But it worked. I have put a throttle on the upload for Cyberduck and if seems to have lessened the apparent packet loss on the uploads.

An incompatibility

This site has an inconpatibility with ie6…R6025 pure virtual function call when trying to log in. Microsoft offer a hot patch fix and to fix it properly in a future general patch.

. . . → Read More: An incompatibility

posting by mail

just a short post to see if I can post via email. I have spent (wasted?) most of today setting up the blog. Unsurprisingly the import of wordpress blog was easy. But the blogger import only imported one blog at the most from each. So for not I will have to see if . . . → Read More: posting by mail