Video Sunday – Cycling Silk

Cycling Silk 2011 Movie Trailer from Kate Harris on Vimeo.

Greenway Petition

Attend if you can.

Dear All 10,500 signatures have been collected for the GreenWay petition. Congratulations to the Friends of the GreenWay for coordinating this. The petition is being presented to Carmel Tebbutt at the NSW Parliament House next Wednesday: 11:00am Wednesday 15 February 2011. (Barring last-minute parliamentary interruption). Everyone is welcome to attend.

. . . → Read More: Greenway Petition

Other things Wednesdays – 932 MPGe

The other day I saw a debate about the MPGe calculations for Electric only cars. They all seem to be at or just below 100 MPGe (equivalent Miles Per Gallon). Then, by chance, I down loaded a tracking program for the bike. It also gives the amount of calories expended. So I decided . . . → Read More: Other things Wednesdays – 932 MPGe

2012 January 18

Well I forgot to turn off the recorder at the end it really did not take me this long.

Video Sunday – 2012 January 8

I rode from Marrickville to Hornsby Hospital and back. I did not have enough battery or storage to record the whole trip. This section is from Turramurra Station to Macquarie University. It starts at the station, then a short section along the Pacific Highway, heading north, then Kissing Point Road, The Lane Cove . . . → Read More: Video Sunday – 2012 January 8

Video Sunday – 2012 January 1 – Bike Sydney Cargo Bike Ride 2011-12-04

A video if the ride from Centennial Park Via Redfern to Sydney Park. At the end there were lots of cargo bikes. Unfortunately the weather was unkind and it rained a little.

Cycling Tuesday – 2011 December 6 – Guildford to Canley Vale Ride

This is definitely the long way. A ride via the Water Supply Pipeline, the Aquaduct, Prospect Reservoir, Western Sydney Regional Park and Orphan School Creek. I think it is one of the nicest rides in Sydney and normally I ride from Marrickville via Homebush Bay via the Cooks River Trail and the M4 . . . → Read More: Cycling Tuesday – 2011 December 6 – Guildford to Canley Vale Ride

Cargo Bike Ride

I went on the Cargo Bike Ride with Bike Sydney. The weather was not kind, but we had a good turnout. Lots of interesting bikes and I got to ride a cargo delta trike with unusual steering that worked well to give a small turning circle. We started in Centennial Park, rode along . . . → Read More: Cargo Bike Ride

Video Sunday – 2011 December 4 – Back over the Bridge

A ride from Millers Point in North Sydney, over the Harbour Bridge, including climbing up the steps, to Dawes Point in The Rocks. Whenever I ride over the bridge now the security guards turn their backs.

Man: something about animal sex and not thinking like that. I did not quite catch . . . → Read More: Video Sunday – 2011 December 4 – Back over the Bridge

Commenting Tuesday

My two bob’s worth on the design options for the new Kent Street Cycleway Proposals.

I am Brian Yap, a member of the committee of Bike Marrickville, though this is a personal submission.

I have had a look at both the plans. I think from a cyclists point of view, I prefer option . . . → Read More: Commenting Tuesday