Observation Tuesdays – Melbourne Cup

The advantage of being in Melbourne for Melbourne Cup is that you get a holiday and you can completely ignore the race because you don’t have to go to some work function and watch the thing while eating food and drinking alcohol. I spent my whole life ignoring the Melbourne Cup. I have never been . . . → Read More: Observation Tuesdays – Melbourne Cup

Global Warming, bush fires and politics

With the current unusually hot weather in Sydney and the fires that happened on a catastrophic fire day. My mind turns to the topic of global warming and the increase in extreme hot weather events in Australia.

The conservative politicians say that speaking of these matters is a sign of disrespect . . . → Read More: Global Warming, bush fires and politics

How to Vote in Casey

Here is my system for voting in the Victorian electorate of Casey. Print out this how to vote card and take it with you to the voting booth or better still use your smart phone to access it saving paper.

This is the first time I have voted in Casey since . . . → Read More: How to Vote in Casey

Seeking Privacy

Some reasons I have come across as to why people seek to hide behind the veil of privacy.

They are doing something, lets call it skullduggery, that they do not want discovered or uncovered. So they hide behind the veil of privacy. They are drug suppliers and they seek to remain out of the view . . . → Read More: Seeking Privacy

UTC & hostile Americans

Today, Flickr shut down their web site. I think that they quickly realised that most people around the world don’t understand PDT. So they included a time zone conversion link.

So I made a comment as I have done several times before when some American group who should know better (mostly the US Space . . . → Read More: UTC & hostile Americans

The drug lords of Altona

Back around 1980, when I was at FIT, the people in Footscray used to speak of the drug lords of Altona. It was if the suburb was the home of all the leaders of the illegal drug supply networks if western Melbourne. I had pretty much forgotten about this until I went to Altona today . . . → Read More: The drug lords of Altona

Must Have Known

There are still, and have been for some time, people arguing about how one must or must not have known things. Here is a little javaesk code snippet about the endless loop that is generated. Clearly a patch needs to be installed.

Try { Say-something-to-illicit-a-response Case: responds: do stuff() Else: do other stuff() } . . . → Read More: Must Have Known


On Friday the girls hired the disney movie Mulan. It is a typical Disney movie but this time set in china. The first time around I did not see it as I was too sick and chose the go to sleep option. The girls loved it. They wanted to be more Chinese.

I did . . . → Read More: Mulan

V is for for Voon

The other day, while I was in an appointment, a doctor whom I had not seen before was checking my record on their computer system. He asked me for my middle initial. For starters he only wanted one initial, which is just horribly wrong. But still, I told him it was V for Voon. He . . . → Read More: V is for for Voon

Chamber Music at Burrinja

Zac’s violin teacher was playing in a concert and Kirsten and I went along to Burrinja to watch. Actually I thought Zac was playing. It was only later that I learned that this was incorrect

The show started with a small chamber orchestra. I absolutely loved this early Baroque music. They . . . → Read More: Chamber Music at Burrinja