Return to Broadmeadows station

Kirsten, Krysta and Teresa came back on the XPT. I drove to Broadmeadows Station and caught the train into the city. Surprisingly this only took an extra 40 minutes.

I immediately felt at home. The diversity of peoples on the train was refreshing. Though the train was a bit over crowded.

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Broadmeadows station

The girls traveled up to Sydney on the XPT. We spent the night before double checking the details. Kirsten had been told that there was regional rail track works and the trip from Southern Cross to Broadmeadows would be by bus and therefore we had to be at southern cross 40 minutes earlier . . . → Read More: Broadmeadows station

Kalorama to Lawson

We drove again to Lawson in one go. We are getting better at it. Though an 11 hour drive still takes us 17 hours. The girls are getting used to long drives and the promise of their cousin and nan are good attractors.

We made the customary stops at HMAS Otway and the Dog . . . → Read More: Kalorama to Lawson

W Class

Caught my first W Class tram since returning to Melbourne. They were old a long time ago when I was a kid. While I think they should keep some I wonder why they have not been upgraded with modern motors with modern controllers and air conditioning.

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Alternate Route on the Day of the Bat

On Tuesday I caught the train to work. At Camberwell we swapped over to the stopping all stations track, which unusual. Normally we use the express track. We were clearly behind the stopping all stations train, but much more interestingly we were running the red lights. I was sitting, as I normally do, . . . → Read More: Alternate Route on the Day of the Bat

Warburton Day 2, October Trip 2012

Our second day at the caravan park. We managed to leave some important tings behind so I had to return to home to get them. On the way I took Angelika into Lilydale to see Tony, who turned out to be on a course and not there. I then returned to the Warburton . . . → Read More: Warburton Day 2, October Trip 2012

Today’s train saga

Arrive on time at parliament station. As I do so, the announcement states that the next train will be the Alamein and the Glen Waverley has been cancelled. Look at the departures board. The next train is my Lilydale train. Suspect – things are stuffed up.

Departure board keeps resetting, but the trains do . . . → Read More: Today’s train saga

Driving Back to Melbourne

Another drive back from Sydney to Melbourne. I stopped as is usual at Exeter for Breakfast and then in Goulburn as I had discovered the Shell service station there had cheap LPG – almost as cheap as in Sydney so now I was always going there. As they only had one gas pump . . . → Read More: Driving Back to Melbourne

Riding to Work

in Redfern, very near where I once lived.

Driving from Marrickville to Narooma

Mum arrived a few days before and we drove in the morning down to Narooma for Phil and Enid’s 50th Anniversary. We had to just show up at the specified time. I was a bit worried about the Ford, but my worries were to prove unfounded. There was a big rain storm over . . . → Read More: Driving from Marrickville to Narooma