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Greenway Petition

Attend if you can.

Dear All 10,500 signatures have been collected for the GreenWay petition. Congratulations to the Friends of the GreenWay for coordinating this. The petition is being presented to Carmel Tebbutt at the NSW Parliament House next Wednesday: 11:00am Wednesday 15 February 2011. (Barring last-minute parliamentary interruption). Everyone is welcome to attend.

. . . → Read More: Greenway Petition

Video Sunday – 2012 January 8

I rode from Marrickville to Hornsby Hospital and back. I did not have enough battery or storage to record the whole trip. This section is from Turramurra Station to Macquarie University. It starts at the station, then a short section along the Pacific Highway, heading north, then Kissing Point Road, The Lane Cove . . . → Read More: Video Sunday – 2012 January 8

Cycling Tuesday – 2011 December 6 – Guildford to Canley Vale Ride

This is definitely the long way. A ride via the Water Supply Pipeline, the Aquaduct, Prospect Reservoir, Western Sydney Regional Park and Orphan School Creek. I think it is one of the nicest rides in Sydney and normally I ride from Marrickville via Homebush Bay via the Cooks River Trail and the M4 . . . → Read More: Cycling Tuesday – 2011 December 6 – Guildford to Canley Vale Ride

Video Sunday – 2011 December 4 – Back over the Bridge

A ride from Millers Point in North Sydney, over the Harbour Bridge, including climbing up the steps, to Dawes Point in The Rocks. Whenever I ride over the bridge now the security guards turn their backs.

Man: something about animal sex and not thinking like that. I did not quite catch . . . → Read More: Video Sunday – 2011 December 4 – Back over the Bridge

Marrickville to Prospect and Back

At the request of Bike Marrickville, I did my long ride out to prospect and return, taking lots of photos and ride notes so that they could run a ride. The ride was just short of 100km. From my place to the Cooks River Trail, to Home Bush then along the M4 to . . . → Read More: Marrickville to Prospect and Back

Troubles with the greenway

It seems that in it’s haste to push through the light rail to Dulwich Hill, the state government has forgotten to include the greenway. So I have written a short letter to my local member, the minister for transport and the premier. This is the first time I have done this.I chose not . . . → Read More: Troubles with the greenway

The Marrickville to Prospect Loop

Well, it was meant to be a loop, but I took a wrong turn, so it was more like a lasso. I started by rising to the cooks river trail. A route I regularly take.

. . . → Read More: The Marrickville to Prospect Loop

Where to Ride Sydney

Wandering the interweb, I found this little gem on the Bicycle Australia web site.

Sydney is widely regarded as Australia’s most cycling hostile city…

trike obstacles on the Cooks River Cycleway

There are some obstacles to riding a trike on the Cooks River Cycleway, some more serious than others. I have a trike at the smaller end of the scale when it comes to width. So some of the obstacles are be more difficult for wider trikes and there may be some spots, like . . . → Read More: trike obstacles on the Cooks River Cycleway


the fist

Riding down Frampton lane I was saddened to see that someone had dumped a load of garbage there. So I stopped to take some photos. Just as I was leaving a car came along the lane. There have been many cards on the lane recently. Since school went back this . . . → Read More: garbage