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a dangerous bit of road

three way

This is the most dangerous bit of road I ride on. It is a minor through road, so there is a modicum of traffic. But it has been modified becuase of the railway line. It changes width in unexpected ways, it is sometimes one way and two way. Where it . . . → Read More: a dangerous bit of road

A new roundabout


They have been working on the gutters for some time, but I did not realise their real purpose. Then they appeared in the morning to do some more road works. Later, in the evening on my way home, the roundabout had appeared. This photo was taken the next morning.

. . . → Read More: A new roundabout

Cooks River Cycleway – Canterbury Road to Wolli Creek

Coocks River Cycleway

I did my first ride up the Cooks River Cycleway. It is quite well constructed and they are doing more to upgrade the track. Some sections are closed with detours while they fix up the foreshore.

Apparently the Cooks River is the most polluted river in Sydney . . . → Read More: Cooks River Cycleway – Canterbury Road to Wolli Creek

Riding a bike in China and Australia

shanghai 1992

Way back in 1992 I arrived in China at Shanghai airport. There were many bikes back then in Shanghai, though these days there are less. These days they have a working public transport system and underground rail lines. Back then they didn’t. But I did not really hit bike culture . . . → Read More: Riding a bike in China and Australia