Belgrave Lantern Festival

For some time I wanted to go to the Belgrave Lantern Festival. It did not exist when I had previously lived up in the Dandenongs. Now that I am living here again I got the opportunity to go. I had originally expected to just go as an onlooker. But one thing led to . . . → Read More: Belgrave Lantern Festival

Chestnut Festival

When I lived here before I never went to the Chestnut Festival. But this year we did. Being in Kalorama, we just walked the back way down to the Memorial Park. This was good as the parking was at a premium. The kids headed straight to the jumping castle, train and merry go . . . → Read More: Chestnut Festival

Chinese New Year in Springvale

After picking up the kids we headed down to Chinese new year in Springvale. As we were late int he day we missed the main festivities and where we had hoped there might be some lion dancing there was none.

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The Jack-‘o-Lantern. This one is by Kirsten Leah who was very careful not to end up in Hospital. We nearly did a modern one in Water mellon. I think is is strange that people use these. Obviously it is a matter of form and fashion over the story. The story seems to . . . → Read More: Jack-‘o-Lantern

Marrickville Festival 2011

I headed off to meet the Bike Marrickville Crew at the Marrickville Road Festival run by the council. We had our own stall. I did the morning shift from start to around lunch time. Then I wandered around the festival before returning home. More photos.

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Winter Magic Festival 2011

I picked up Milla from her concert practice and then we headed up to the Winter Magic Festival in Katoomba. We missed the parade, but wandered around the market. Milla was a very keen participant in the Unicyclists performance. I bought some felt shoes as these had been sadly lacking from my life. . . . → Read More: Winter Magic Festival 2011

Sydney Middle Eastern Dance Festival

After returning the DVD to the library and learning how to put it in the chute (Well I got the rest in, but there was trick with this DVD.), I wandered back to the Sydney Middle Eastern Dance Festival where a drum band was playing good music outside.

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Bunnies, Eggs, Family and Camping

It was a long and complicated day. I was very lethargic when I started. Kirsten got up at 5 AM to do the eggs and bunny prints. The kids were very excited by the whole arrangement. Krysta was just happy to believe it, though Milla saw through the deception as we had used . . . → Read More: Bunnies, Eggs, Family and Camping

An Afernoon at the Show

Well I have to admit that the Royal Sydney Easter Show is my least favourite of any show in Australia and the one I prefer to avoid. But I was connived against to take the kids, and I agreed as I was taking Krysta and Milla. I carefully forgot my camera. We were . . . → Read More: An Afernoon at the Show

Art Ride

I did not say it, but I thought last week’s art ride should have been part of the WNBR ride, but alas, it was not. This week I did the bike ride around Waterloo and Alexandria, ending in Newtown. The rides are held by Bike Sydney and are part of Art Month Sydney.

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