Other things Thursdays – Junk Emials

I don’t normally bother with all the junk comments I get, I just delete them as they are unworthy. But these two garnered some interest as they are out of the ordinary and so here they are. If you don’t like junk comments, just ignore this post.

A new comment on the post . . . → Read More: Other things Thursdays – Junk Emials

Other Things Wendesdays – mail access

My mail access is at times flakey. Fot the last few days it had not worked at all from my desktop. I tired rebooting, and a few mails came down. So I did what I normally do. I have no idea if this actually fixes anything, but after a few goes, things seem . . . → Read More: Other Things Wendesdays – mail access

2011 August 11 – Rejected Email

The email system is constantly rejecting my emails. It says that the server rejected the address. However, then at some time it will randomly work. In Brisbane it was much worse. It has been suggested that there are temporary black holes being placed on IP addresses to prevent spam and denial of service . . . → Read More: 2011 August 11 – Rejected Email

Commenting Thursday – 2011 June 9

This email, which bounced because the number of retries was exceeded, which itself indicates a temporary failure of the mail system somewhere, but in fact shows the spam filter stuff in action. The mail system has identified my email as possible SPAM. Apparently if you include words about a drug your email will automatically and . . . → Read More: Commenting Thursday – 2011 June 9

Other Things Wednesdays – 2011 May 25

Well I ran the IPV6 test and came up with these results.

Your IPv4 address on the public internet appears to be No IPv6 address detected [more info] World IPv6 day is June 8th, 2011. No problems are anticipated for you with this browser, at this location. [more info] You appear to be able . . . → Read More: Other Things Wednesdays – 2011 May 25

Ping and Traceroute

This is a little post for Keat on how to use these tools on the MAC to see where her IP traffic is going and hence get an idea of where the latencies in her network and hence issues for gaming are occurring.

Step 1: Go to the applications directory, open . . . → Read More: Ping and Traceroute

Video Sundays – 2010 August 8

Dr. Raymond Sheh, the operator of team CASualty (from Australia) drives iRobot Negotiator in Best in Class Mobility test of RoboCup 2010 Rescue Robot League

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Controlling the propoganda

I love that someone just came out and said. So much of the stupid hysteria about the Internet is about trying to limit what others say to what you want them to say, for whatever bizzare logic you have for putting forth that point of view. Religious people use a different term, heresy. Western governments . . . → Read More: Controlling the propoganda

Pinging the pacific from Malaysia

Here is the path followed from Kuala Lumpur to the Federates States of Micronesia: it goes: KL, Singapore, Osaka, San Francisco, Hawaii and then satellite to Micronesia.

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Censoring the Internet

I was reading a post over at ZDnet on the Government’s Internet Filter proposal. And thought that some people are still trying to impose their views on everyone else. But perhaps this is not a very good approach from a free market point of view. So while I am against the proposal in . . . → Read More: Censoring the Internet