Video Sunday – 2011 October 9 – Aida in Verona

By none other than Ian Carswell!

Commenting Thursday – 2011 June 23

A comment for Billy as it seems there was an omission in Malaysia:

Billy, I have only recently realised. But how was it that we saw your mother, but never got to have her famous slow cooked pork?!? I think I demand we go back to rectify this situation. Though it . . . → Read More: Commenting Thursday – 2011 June 23

Go #teambilly!

Well, Billy is on Master Chef. I thought he had missed out. But Billy is irrepressible and does not have a gold band around his head. I have a #teambilly t-shirt and produced some photos for the guys. Being a bit lazy I just went out on the balcony.

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112SQN. Determined to Deliver.


Brian Yap

‎112SQN. Determined to Deliver.

HK Ng oh, CPC Yap in action again………36 minutes ago

Brian Yap Ya man….. 2 weeks somemore12 minutes ago ·

Alan Khoo I think this is really call wasting taxpayers money!2 hours ago . . . → Read More: 112SQN. Determined to Deliver.

I've Been every where Man

emus, by Peter

Pete, the pom, is going on a journey around Australia. Lacking a rationale for visiting any particular places, he chose to visit all the places in the song, I’ve been everywhere. Man! Though he will not be doing it in one trip. It is a brilliant idea and good . . . → Read More: I’ve Been every where Man

Kate and Wing's Wedding Reception

by jamimages

Kate and wing went to the USA, to Las Vegas to get married in an Elvis style wedding. Now that they have returned they had a wedding reception in Mt Colah.

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Cyber War on Patch Monday

Stil and Anna

It seems like Stilgherrian has got a proper job! He is doing a podcast on ZDNet called Patch Monday. His first one is on Cyberwar.

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A postcard from Vietnam by A Table for 2

Postcard from Vietnam from Billy Law on Vimeo.

So Long Cathy by Pong

I went down to the gallery where Pong is one of those displaying some art. As usual, his work is a video one. So you should pop down there and have a look.

So Long Cathy from ApostrophePong on Vimeo.

Dislocation 09 Exhibition Kudos Gallery, 9 Napier Street, Paddington Opens: 5-7.30pm Tuesday . . . → Read More: So Long Cathy by Pong

Watch for robots


Yay! Raymond’s team won the latest autonomous robot search and rescue competition in Austria! Here is also a link to his book from a previous competition. It is of excellent quality and a good read! (I have a copy.)

This time, RoboCup was held in the beautiful . . . → Read More: Watch for robots