Project TOTO post 2

before he left

Well, Stilgherrian is soon to return to the land of OZ. But he has yet to make it safely out of the country… He has set up the site for those in Tanzania, called, Jambo Tanzania. So pop over and have a look. Better still, leave a comment.

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An inadequate guide to gig photography.

this is by Liz and is very cool. Clearly I failed to meet all the steps. I am not a gig photographer.

grab your fork

congrats to helen who was on the ABC’s Food at Eleven show.

grab your fork

congrats to helen who was on the ABC’s Food at Eleven show.


Clearly the doctor needs to upgrade to the new version.

“Fat Tardis – ain’t it a shame?” by barryslemmings [?]

A day at the Zoo

I had not seen Cath for a long time. Then I went to the National Folk Festival. I forgot my sleeping bag, so borrowed a blanket for the evening. The next day I headed into Belconnen mall to buy something for the next few days. While sitting there, sending a tweet to twitter, Cath walked . . . → Read More: A day at the Zoo

VIVID National Photography Festival

I went down to the VIVID National Photography Festival. It was an interesting night in a quite librarian sort of way, and Helen spoke on the need for good tags.

“VIVID National Photography Festival” by yewenyi [?]

“VIVID National Photography Festival” by yewenyi [?]

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Dolly Photos

Publish Post

This time Dolly’s photos. Very good. I love it when people have interesting backgrounds.

Chinese-Australian Historical Images

A site that a few friends of mine have worked producing. (Sophie and Helen) It looks good, but they need to get a more powerful server. Unfortunately none of the Chinese people in my family tree on the Australian side appear in this site.

opera house

Playing with cross-postings from imeem. I bought one of dolly‘s paintings a while back. This is another. Her paintings are very good and I particularly like these simple, impressionist (i think) ones.

a painting by dolly

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