Lunch at the Two Brookes Bar

7 June 2015

Now that the kids are going over to Andrews every second weekend, courtesy of a Supreme Court of Victoria order. Kirsten and I are getting some time together.

On this day we had to head out to Worri Yallock to return the fancy dress costumes to A2Z costumes. We had . . . → Read More: Lunch at the Two Brookes Bar

Lunch with mum

Went shopping for a new computer at J B HI FI and then had Szechuan chicken for lunch at China Red.

Christmas Function

This years work Christmas function was a bowling morning followed by a lunch at south gate.

We started in the kingpin bowling lounge at crown casino. I had not been to the casino for decades. The lounge was an interestingly dark place with lots of little bowling lane sets. I could not get . . . → Read More: Christmas Function

Masak Masak

We headed over to Hoppers Crossing to drop the girls off at Andrew’s new girlfriends place. On the way back we considered many options for dinner: Williamstown, Footscray, Carlton, Brunswick Street; but we ended up walking down Smith Street in Collingwood, partly because the parking was easier and partly because we wanted to . . . → Read More: Masak Masak

Mid Autumn Festival

I headed our yesterday and bought some mooncakes. I went to the Chinese supermarket I sometimes use in a lane way off Little Bourne Street. They had a selection there next to the entrance. At first I worried that they only had ones with egg, but eventually I found some that didn’t have . . . → Read More: Mid Autumn Festival


For the first time in a while I ate out. I had to go out to pick up Krysta’s birthday present. Normally I would eat in the QV food hall, but it was the wrong way and I couldn’t be bothered.

Walking across Russell Street, I saw a lamb place. But . . . → Read More: Donghak

Penrith Plaza

We headed into town. After a bit of analysis, it turned out that the price of the train for the 5 of us was more than the price of parking at darling harbour, so we drove.

We started quite late and so decided to pop into Penrith for lunch. We stopped in at the . . . → Read More: Penrith Plaza

Hor Fun with beef in black bean sauce

I was supposed to be going to the world stamp expo, but a work meeting ran over time and Kirsten needed me to go to the bank. So I dropped into the China Bar for lunch.

This time I had Hor Fun with beef in black bean sauce, which for me . . . → Read More: Hor Fun with beef in black bean sauce

Pan Fried Flat Noodles with Beef and Egg Gravy

I went out onto the street and while out there stopped in at the china bar for lunch. I have just started working my way down the list of foods, being careful to avoid anything with evil prawns in it.

I had the Pan Fried Flat Noodles with Beef and Egg . . . → Read More: Pan Fried Flat Noodles with Beef and Egg Gravy

China Bar

I was out to visit the bank and took the chance to revisit the China Bar again. Tried another lunch special. This time I tried the Kung Bo Chicken and rice for $9.40. The meal came in a nice plate. Again, like the Malaysian place I went to recently, it was this modern . . . → Read More: China Bar