The Whistling Pig

I had suggested we go out and was then ambushed into going to the pig and whistle tavern. The girls really love the place and even played outside in the wet and cold sandpit. We had a simple meal and shared our plates.

Though I was surprised at the incomplete . . . → Read More: The Whistling Pig

Lunch @ China Bar

Quite some time ago Kirsten suggested I go to the China Bar to have lunch. But her directions were dodgy and I did not know where it was. Then the other day, at Chinese New Year we walked past it and she pointed it out.

So today, I headed down there . . . → Read More: Lunch @ China Bar

Dinner @ Cinta Raya

Kirsten’s sister, Martine, recommended a place to eat down in Scoresby. It took us a while, but eventually we got a time together, without the girls, to go down for a meal. After a bit of wandering around in the wrong place as we had the wrong street number, we found it tucked . . . → Read More: Dinner @ Cinta Raya

The Fortune Hut

Kirsten and I finally made it for dinner to the Fortune Hut. We had tried before, but it is not open on Saturdays so we could not get there with out the kids, and I am reluctant to take Krysta because she will not even try foods.

The first dish I . . . → Read More: The Fortune Hut

Apricot and Kaya Jam

My current toast style breakfast, on non working in town days is Sally’s Organic Apricot Jam and Kaya Jam. I am still disappointed that you cannot buy Kaya Jam in Australian supermarkets. Because Kaya is my favourite.

Other Things Thursdays – Rice cooker risotto

This is my version of Kirsten’s rice cooker risotto. It is simple and easy. I use it to make frozen lunches to take to work. The key thing to do is keep all the non-rice ingredients finely chopped for packing into the plastic containers for freezing.

Add oil, onion, garlic, ginger

2 tablespoons oil . . . → Read More: Other Things Thursdays – Rice cooker risotto

Chinese New Year Lunch at Kam Fook

We had Chinese New Year lunch at Kam Fook in Doncaster Shoppingtown, It seems to be Stephanie’s favourite. We mostly has Yum Cha, but at the end we also had some dishes, including bitter melon.

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I headed out with the midweek supper group to the Indonesian Restaurant – 1945. Although there were no revolutionaries present we did have a good meal. We saved quite a bit of money in that Yasinta ordered the meal and we avoided the set course menus that those at the other end of . . . → Read More: 1945

A Birthday for Angelika

I headed up tot he Blue Mountains. We had lunch at the Swiss Cottage in Katoomba for Angelika’s Birthday. To Milla’s horror I had the White Farm Rabbit. The food, was good, well made, but perhaps a bit to conservative for my liking. I will give it 3.5 out of 5. Certainly I . . . → Read More: A Birthday for Angelika

Dinner at the Cuckoo

We had dinner at the very touristy Cuckoo Restaurant. Hoa and Nikoletta came to join us. The kids enjoyed it. I thought the smorgasbord left quite a bit to be desired. The show was fun an a ockerish way. The entertainment was very formulaic. The children though it was great and Krysta loved . . . → Read More: Dinner at the Cuckoo