Slimefest 2014

We headed up to Sydney again to take Milla and the girls to Slimefest for Milla’s birthday.

This time we put the dogs into the Coldstream Animal Shelter for kennelling. I took the dogs up there. When I got there the noise was so loud from the other dogs barking. The . . . → Read More: Slimefest 2014

Krysta Working

I did not have enough leave, so I had to work. Krysta and I headed into town. She was very excited and happy and proud. We caught my normal bus at 6:32 am and went down to Croydon and then the train to Parliament. At work she got a pass and went through the electronic . . . → Read More: Krysta Working

Video Sunday – 2011 January 22 – The not so scary puffing billy

When we arrived at Lake Side Station Car Park, Teresa was really scared of the noise being made by the train that was at the time just about to leave the station. So later in the day, when I could hear another train coming we walked up the hill to the train line. . . . → Read More: Video Sunday – 2011 January 22 – The not so scary puffing billy

Camping in Warburton – Day 3

Well, we spent one more night in Warburton camping. In the morning we packed up and headed out. Luckily the nice camp ground people has said we did not need to be out before 10AM, because we did not stand a chance in hell of packing up before midday. I lament at how . . . → Read More: Camping in Warburton – Day 3

Warburton Day 1

Well we were quite late in getting away. We had to check in before 5 PM and we got there after 4:30 even though it was only 1 1/2 hours down the road. Having done that we could relax, set up the camp, let the dogs out and rest. Kirsten headed back up . . . → Read More: Warburton Day 1

Visiting South Bank

We headed into South to visit Kirsten’s half-brother, Damien. We caught the very expensive bus. 5 zones for $21 for me and three concession tickets each way. It is cheaper if you have a pass, but as interstate visitors a pass was not really a good option. On the bus we amused the . . . → Read More: Visiting South Bank

A day at Sea World

After much discussion we headed down to Sea World for a day. We decided a bit late and did not get there until just before noon, even though it was only a short drive. The first thing we saw was the pirate show as it was next to the front gate and was . . . → Read More: A day at Sea World

A day of rest and relaxation

In the morning I headed down to Sunnybank Station to pick up Kirsten and Krysta who had travelled up overnight on the train. It was in many ways reminiscent of my holidays in Caloundra.

We then spent the day lounging around at home with Tanya and her kids. . . . → Read More: A day of rest and relaxation

A day at Kerrisdale

We the day started out with plenty of time, I knew we’d need it, and really I did not allow enough. I was up early enough to see the garbage truck. I hooked up the trailer and took the car down to park in 5 ways as there is not enough space on . . . → Read More: A day at Kerrisdale

Playhouses and Performances

We were meant to go to the show. But the weather was abysmal. So we went to the Club Kids Playhouse & Cafe instead. The kids were very disappointed. But put on a brave face. They loved the playground.

In the evening they did a performance of their own making.

. . . → Read More: Playhouses and Performances