Camping in Holbrook

Well, I never would have thought I’d see the day that I was camping on Holbrook. Really of all places! But camp in Holbrook was what we did. It kept us together for another day, which suited everyone. Kirsten headed off via the Blue Mountains. I left with Krysta and Milla a little . . . → Read More: Camping in Holbrook


Met the crew from last night and had breakfast. We went to McDonalds first, but two of us went back into town to a cafe. I had eggs Benedict.

I walked to Bundaberg rum. Missed the 10 am tour. Did the 11 am tour. The guides were very good and funny, . . . → Read More: Bundaberg

Monto on the Rest Day

Well it was the rest day. I had decided to have a lazy rest day, I did not do any of the tours. I got up lateish, had breakfast with some of the people from Yeppoon who I had met the year before. I wandered around the camp and then around the town. . . . → Read More: Monto on the Rest Day

Overnight in Rockhampton

The bus from the airport dropped me off at what I now consider and “unofficial” bus stop which was as close as he went to the riverside caravan park. Here they again confirmed that they had no cabins or vans. So I booked an unpowered camping site. I headed down to the sites . . . → Read More: Overnight in Rockhampton

Jenolan Caves

Well, I headed up to the Blue Mountains again. I met Kirsten, Krysta and Therese at Leura. We headed to Katoomba for breakfast and then headed down to the Jenolan Caves. We went to the Imperial Cave and then had lunch. In the cave we managed to catch up with the group before . . . → Read More: Jenolan Caves

A chance Sighting

Well, I popped up not once, but twice on this web page. See if you can see me the second time. Click on the picture to go to the page (Strawberry Fields – the heart of Malaysia & Thailand: Day 4 & 5)

. . . → Read More: A chance Sighting

Excelsior Hotel

On my return leg to Ipoh, I stayed at the Excelsior Hotel, it is an older hotel but perfectly functional. In the end, I never ended up eating the free breakfast as I went out for every breakfast to be had. The rooms were quite large. I’d say the service was efficient and . . . → Read More: Excelsior Hotel

Kellies Castle

Well in the end we were filling in time before the next meal. But given how terribly British kitsch this place is, Kellies Castle is quite a surprising bit of architecture and bit of former colonial glory. The problem with most of the good architecture in Malaysia that I saw is that it . . . → Read More: Kellies Castle

Menglembu Market

After visiting the houses, we stopped at the Menglembu Market and purchased a few things. I guess that this market was probably there when my father lived in this town. But I’d also guess that there were servants to do the shopping. We wandered around. The food as always with these places was . . . → Read More: Menglembu Market

Taman Negara

Well, If I remember correctly Taman Negara means national park. It is the first. It also claims to be the oldest continuous rainforest in the world. It certainly is muddy and wet. But then if it was not, it would not be a rain forest. I was not really planning on doing a . . . → Read More: Taman Negara