N95 bluetooth troubles

For the last month or more, the N95 has refused to send bluetooth files to the mac. it will synch. the mac can browse it all using blue tooth. But send a file from the phone and the connection failed. A quick look on the internet discovered the problem. Probably with one of the last . . . → Read More: N95 bluetooth troubles

my first video live transmission

it is only a test, some technical problems, but nothing that won’t be fixable next time.

N95 dramas

The other day when in Barrington Tops, my phone was playing up. First it was saying that it had 3G coverage, when clearly that was not possible and then it crashed. It would not even boot. So I turned it off. About an hour later, I had a thought. I took the flash card out. . . . → Read More: N95 dramas

new phone V

Here are some more findings:

The camera does not like low light. I eventually was able to down load the map application and load the maps. This is a major improvement over the network supplied maps. I finally got skype to work and made my first skype call. The IM does not seem to work . . . → Read More: new phone V

new phone IV

Well I got the GPS to run, but I am not sure about the maps as I have it set up to only down load them when I am at home. I need to see if this data counts against my monthly usage limit on the phone. So I not sure how much map data . . . → Read More: new phone IV

Mobile Phone III

Well now that the email is set up correctly the emails are sent much faster.

I have the wireless lan functions set up reliably and predictably. Though some applications I keep on needing to type in my complicated security key each time I run a new application for the first time.

The GPS still thinks . . . → Read More: Mobile Phone III

Mobile Phone II

If the outgoing emails are not set up correctly:

Emails leave very slowly. Recipients do not recognize who is sending the emial.

New Mobile

My old phone has steadily been declining. Alicia gave up in disgust. And by about three weeks ago, the select button would get stuck down, madly selecting the first option. I think I made a few calls that were quickly abandoned and may have sent a few SMSs. So I decided I needed to get . . . → Read More: New Mobile