There has been lots of attention about the Western Australian decision to start culling the sharks. Particularly pointing out that really, sharks kill very few people in the entire world and that the money would be better spent fixing something that actually kills people.

But look at it from the pollies view.

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Australia Day 2014

Here we are again, celebrating the day when the first permanent european settlement began marking the start of the greatest land theft this continent has ever seen.

It has been a sad and depressing year and things just keep on getting worse for the resulting country called Australia.

For starters, as if what . . . → Read More: Australia Day 2014

How to Vote in Casey

Here is my system for voting in the Victorian electorate of Casey. Print out this how to vote card and take it with you to the voting booth or better still use your smart phone to access it saving paper.

This is the first time I have voted in Casey since . . . → Read More: How to Vote in Casey

No Maccas (in Tecoma)

After a bit of help with prompting from some of our friends and with a plan for a complicated day that never worked out we stated by heading down to Tecoma and parking. I am still sick and really at the end of the day, while I was feeling better in the morning, . . . → Read More: No Maccas (in Tecoma)

Texas conservatives want to secede, be more like Russia

I must admit that I too wanted to sign the petition but it was too complicated coming up with a Texan address. Maybe they should be given back to Mexico.

Observation Tuesdays – Academic Achievement

This school is a place of learning academic achievement. Students who are good at that are looked after, supported. The ones who ate not are lionised and rejected. Thus the goals of the school are achieved.

Observation Tuesdays – 2011 November 15 – Politics

A super simplified version of the political system. I guess it is fairly universal in application.

For each (thing)


If (party you support is in power)

then { say (Thing is good) }

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葉文意’s how to vote guide

Here is my guide on how to vote. Probably too late for most of you, but you can put it away and use it to vote in future elections.

Always vote for minor parties first. Big parties are boring and the world would be a better and certainly more exciting place if there . . . → Read More: 葉文意’s how to vote guide

Global Warming Summit in Copenhagen

I have to say I am very disappointed with the inability of the world leaders to reach an agreement. Clearly they are only interested in their own vested interests and not interested in getting an agreed outcome. It is another reason why the current world’s governance system is sadly broken. But, here are . . . → Read More: Global Warming Summit in Copenhagen

Stilgherrian and Project TOTO



Stilgherrian is going to Tanzania on Project Toto. So he had a going-away-and-maybe-not-coming-back-party at Kelly’s on King. There were quite a few people from the ABC there so I found myself feeling like I was on TV. He is going over there to stir political ferment by introducing them . . . → Read More: Stilgherrian and Project TOTO