banned put in!

Apparently the dumbos at the EBU banned this song for it’s put in political references. Of course you might expect that the Georgians are not happy with the man.

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Australian Pie

I am looking for the lyrics of a song I heard once on 3RRR. All I remember is the chorus and it goes like this. I have since learned that 3PBS also played it.

Australian Pie

Bye, bye Miss Australian Pie,

Drove my Holden to the Goulburn, but the Goulburn was dry.

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law makers

It seems that the world is full of stupid law makers who should have sense to make balanced and sensible laws that target the bad people and not the good. Also police who spend their time chasing the wrong targets.

According to these recent interpretations of the law, a curious teenage girl who embarks on . . . → Read More: law makers

China Development

I often speak of how impressed I am with how well the Chinese have done in their post-communist, capitalist era. However, I have discovered something disturbing about people in Sydney that is an extension of what I already knew, but I did not realise the depth of it.

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the cage

The terrorists have won a significant victory. The Americans have inflicted more damage on themselves and other than the Terrorists could ever have hoped to do.

The House overwhelmingly adopted legislation this week mandating the creation of a new kind of terrorist watchlist: a database of people who . . . → Read More: Terrorism

On the cultural revolution


This will not be a detailed or complex history of the cultural revolution. But it is a somewhat personal view point of these events and the odd random things I have learned along the way, from the media and from being in China.

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a jolly good riddance to the leader of the free world

fenced in

Well, I think that many of us have been very unhappy with the election of said george bush as the self appointed leader of the free world. I mean, if he was the leader of the free world and if we live in the free world, but of which there . . . → Read More: a jolly good riddance to the leader of the free world



In the years after WWII many on the side of Labour wanted to nationalise the banks. People fought long and hard against this. After all it is socialism or communism creeping in.I wonder if they see the irony in the British Governments nationalising banks to save themselves from themselves and their . . . → Read More: Nationalisation

Unfair Elections Results

I have been watching the results of Australian elections for a while now and have noted that in a few ways they represent a gerrymander and are still coming up with mathematically unfair results. The WA elections are a case in point.

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John Steward on Amy Palin

Here is one of the best political commentaries I have seen in a long time. Thanks to Amy for sharing the link.

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