Chamber Music at Burrinja

Zac’s violin teacher was playing in a concert and Kirsten and I went along to Burrinja to watch. Actually I thought Zac was playing. It was only later that I learned that this was incorrect

The show started with a small chamber orchestra. I absolutely loved this early Baroque music. They . . . → Read More: Chamber Music at Burrinja

Video Sundays – Chinese Children’s Songs

The other day Krysta wanted to learn some stuff about being Chinese. We looked at some photos and then headed over to You Tube. Here we found some songs that have become Krysta’s favourites and we have even been able to play this one ont he TV using her new Wii. Though I . . . → Read More: Video Sundays – Chinese Children’s Songs

Video Sundays – 2011 September 18

Katie is one of my favourite current folk singers.

Video Sundays – 2011 September 11

Once the Bushwackers was my favourite band. I used to go to their dances at the show grounds before they were cruelly stopped. I guess they are still one of my favourite band. The new verison of the band is sort of all right, but gets no where near the musical brilliance of . . . → Read More: Video Sundays – 2011 September 11

Video Sunday – 2011 July 24

Marajuana Australiana, one of my favourite bushwackers songs.

Eurovision 2011 in Reprise

I now have the CD. So this is the new list with all the songs, not just those in the final. Also, it is my view of the songs without the video feed. There are three sets. On the Ipod the first set get 5 stars, the second 4 stars and the third three stars. . . . → Read More: Eurovision 2011 in Reprise

Eurovision 2011 according to 葉文意

Well the Eurovision Song Contest for 2011 is complete. Well, it will be when I have finished this post. This is the scoring as I see it. I have voted as if I am a country. I mean, of course there are the official winners, and I am very happy for them and . . . → Read More: Eurovision 2011 according to 葉文意

Audio Sundays – Spanish Ladies Variations

Various variations of the Sea Shanty Spanish Ladies interleaved.

[Audio clip: view full post to listen]

. . . → Read More: Audio Sundays – Spanish Ladies Variations

Edelweiss - Starship Edelweiss

Scared Wierd Little Guys – Cleanin’ Out My Tuckerbag

The best bit of hip hop I have ever heard.