When I was last down in Melbourne, I was given half a dozen succulents with some instructions that some needed repotting soon. With all the rain, one of them has taken off, doubling in size over a week or two. So I repotted the two bigger ones. I need to get some dirt to repot . . . → Read More: Succulents

a reply to the anonomous person who left a note in my letterbox

the new hose holder

At the NFF I purchased a new hose holder. I finally installed it.

“the new hose holder” by yewenyi [?]

167 Arthurton Road Northcote

In 1991 I purchased this property. I had the intention of making renovations while living in it. But during the settlement period I moved to Adelaide. After 18 months there I came back to Melbourne. For a while I house sat a friends house in West Melbourne, before moving to Kallista. My work friends called . . . → Read More: 167 Arthurton Road Northcote

new plants

I have never much liked the plants on the south planter. So I chose to replace them. I had picked out two plants to use with Keat the previous weekend, but the nursery had sold the second plant type, so I used ones that are all the same. They have grown to two or three . . . → Read More: new plants

The new plant

Well, the old plant never look healthy after moving house. Late last week it finally succumbed. So on the weekend I headed off with Keat to wander the nurseries. We started out in Penrith, where is a nursery that specializes in natives. Then we went back to the nursery where she works. There they had . . . → Read More: The new plant

Lighthouse - Proteaceae Adenathos

Well I cut out one of the plants in the planter box and replaced it with another native. And then it rained lots, over 5cm. So the plant is very happy.

lumps and bumps in the settlement process

he said “it is almost guaranteed it will happen on time.” I said, “it did not work the time before. How certain is almost guaranteed?” he said “90%“. Well in the industry I work in 99.9999% is considered to be almost acceptable and we aim for 99.9999999%. 90% is not guaranteed at all! Anyway things . . . → Read More: lumps and bumps in the settlement process

Living in Kallista

naomi, tony, bill and me

I lived in a 50 square, 5 bedroom house in Kallista on Ridge road. I do not remember the number. Maybe 9? Anyway it was a great place. When I first moved in it was with Cathy, Tony and Rocky. I loved living up in the mountains, . . . → Read More: Living in Kallista

Lee Kuan Yew

"Minister Mentor: Lee Kuan Yew" by teducation

Lee Kuan Yew came to open our new house today (otherwise known as the new wing of Mount Alvernia Hospital). There was a big presentation with the media present. We were up on the stage as my father is the resident doctor. Now that the . . . → Read More: Lee Kuan Yew