IRA and the Triads

G2000 ad – best for triad by jason_weemin

I was in Taiwan in the middle of 1999 reading the paper, probably one of the versions of the times. But I cannot remember. There was this article about the Taiwanese being annoyed by the face that the IRA was training the local triads . . . → Read More: IRA and the Triads

Going to Vietnam

I had a dinner on the weekend with a group of people, mostly male, and all expats staying at various places. There must have been over 20 people. We were down studies in this place. A few of them were going up Vietnam for a holiday. With their visas they could not stay . . . → Read More: Going to Vietnam

Riot Police, Protesters and Nuclear Waste

I headed off to the Chiang Kai Shek mausoleum with and American guy and an American girl. They had good cameras and the guy turned out to have a good Sony sound recording system.

We walked from the backpackers. About half way we saw a squad of riot police marching two . . . → Read More: Riot Police, Protesters and Nuclear Waste


In Taipei (臺北) my guide book said that the bus system had this bizarre arrangement where sometimes you paid when you get on and sometimes you pay when you get off, with no method of telling when you did what.

The first time I caught a bus it was immediately obvious . . . → Read More: 上公車,下公車

The American Embassy And the British Army

The backpackers I stayed in at first was full if expat Brits and yanks, teaching english and learning chinese. It was quite an eye opener. I quickly reversed my view of myself being primarily Australian. I could see in these people my real origin. I was really a Singaporean Chinese person living in . . . → Read More: The American Embassy And the British Army

Taipei (臺北) Bound

I knew that officially you are not allowed to enter Taiwan without a ticket to leave. But I wanted to leave by merchant ship and the only place I could buy a ticket was the shipping company headquarters in Taipei.

So I arrived at the airport with only my frequent flyer . . . → Read More: Taipei (臺北) Bound