Bicycle Touring in Finland

turku touring

Here is a bit of paper that must have fallen out of something when I was moving. It is one of my notes for email addresses in Estonia and Finland. In the end I ended up doing a bicycle ride around the islands of the south west coast of Finland. . . . → Read More: Bicycle Touring in Finland

Tallinn Eesti

city wall

I arrived in Tallinn on the morning of the 12th of June. I headed out to the suburbs to stay at the Youth Hostel. The hostel was a large building but I think the half dozen staff out-numbered the guests. They did not have any hot running water. They only . . . → Read More: Tallinn Eesti

St Petersburgh to Tallinn


I arrived in Tallinn on an overnight train from St Petersburg. My theory that I would not be troubled for overstaying my visa by three hours turned out to be true. The Visa ran out at midnight, but the train crossed the border at about 3AM. I had been sharing a . . . → Read More: St Petersburgh to Tallinn

Moscow to St Petersburg

by ianstacey

The recent Nevsky Express Bombing reminded me of this day. We travelled from Moscow, catching the train in the morning and arriving in St Petersburg in the afternoon. I don’t think we travelled on the high speed express, but then I do not remember stopping at any stations in between, . . . → Read More: Moscow to St Petersburg

The Russian Maffia

In the evening we headed down to a night club. It was plush and dark inside with lots of velvet. There were some girls up on a stage in bikinis dancing to the music. I had my backpack, did not trust the place and decided not to stay there. Even while I was . . . → Read More: The Russian Maffia

Bored Musicians

I went with Dymphna and co to a performance of music that made my heart want to break. they played the folk song – Stenka Razin, one which the carnival is over is based. The musicians were spectacularly good and bored out of their brains. I wish they had a better life than playing to . . . → Read More: Bored Musicians

23 hour days

Trans-Siberian 5 days from ullan batur to mockba, across 5 time zones at one day per time zone. Every day we lost 1 hour. 5 consecutive 23 hour days.

Irkutsk and Lake Baikal

What can I say about Irkutsk. Having travelled for a few days through Siberia, Australia seems not to be so pristine. Siberia is pristine, a bit like New Zealand, though more remote.

View of Irkutsk by 0serg

. . . → Read More: Irkutsk and Lake Baikal