of Japanese Vending Machines

I thought the vending machines in Japan were a great idea. I even liked how you found them inside youth hostels and as a result, when back in Australia discovered that I did not know how to pronounce the names of any Japanese beers on the grounds that I had always purchased beer from . . . → Read More: of Japanese Vending Machines

Castle of King Louis the Second

Watch the video

A few years back, I handed my camera to my niece, Alicia, who was probably only 10 or 11 at the time, and let her wander off and do what she wanted. What came back on my camera is this inspired piece of movie making, done on one take with no . . . → Read More: Castle of King Louis the Second

Totally Gourdgeous & Penelope Swales

Well I am totally chuffed! This CD is due for release on 2006-01-16 and I have it early. Yay! I had to add the album details to the Grace Note library. This is only the second time, in all the hundreds of CDs I own. There does not seem to be any method in iTunes . . . → Read More: Totally Gourdgeous & Penelope Swales

Flower in Sydney’s Botanic Gardens

More than a year ago, I spent a day in the Botanic Gardens trying to tech myself how to photograph flowers. I am getting better, but there is still a long way to go. I suppose they are right, zoom in to maximum zoom, then physically move until the image is the correct focal length. . . . → Read More: Flower in Sydney’s Botanic Gardens

The Mirror Project – Brian Yap – Holiday Reflections

I’d quite forgotten about this page. There was a bit of buzz in the on-line media…and then the site dropped off the radar.

This photo was never intended to be a photo of me. I was taking a photo of Lacaster Castle, and it happened to have a reflective door. I have cropped out . . . → Read More: The Mirror Project – Brian Yap – Holiday Reflections

Bird of Paradise

One day I wandered down to South Head to have a look around. After alighting the bus, I wandered down the local streets to the park. On the way there was a Bird of Paradise plant in bloom. The perspective is forced from being on the foot path. The image has some of the layers . . . → Read More: Bird of Paradise

Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2005.. Google Earth Feed

Well I think that this is just so cool. The first time I came across Google Earth being used for race tracking was in the Darwin to Adelaide Solar Car challenge. It showed how far behind the last vehicles were. Now I know how to include my own data. So the race picture shows my . . . → Read More: Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2005.. Google Earth Feed

Government House in Sydney and the halls of debate

The new Government House in Sydney is not an architecturally pleasing construction. It is a mock castle of romantic Gothic construction by English architect Edward Blore. I wonder if they were disappointed when it was built? It supposedly had a big impact. At the time it was probably the most significant building in the . . . → Read More: Government House in Sydney and the halls of debate

Falling Sand Game

Disturbingly like a lava lamp, this game is true to it’s title. It is strangely addictive.

Read more at chir.ag/stuff/sand/

. . . → Read More: Falling Sand Game


I was down in Seymour after my mother had her hip operation. This is an old style circuit breaker at the Seymour Railway Museum.