Geelong Regatta 2006

the crew


I took a day off from Arcanacon to go sailing with Ewen. He is a member of the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria and I think, editor of their magazine. There was an event, the Geelong regatta, been going for well over 100 years and the biggest racing . . . → Read More: Geelong Regatta 2006

Arcanacon XXIV – Swashbuckling, Exploration and Adventure

For this Australia Day long weekend I am off to Arcanacon. Over the last few days we traveled down the south coast (of NSW) visiting relatives and staying at Narooma and Bega. There are some somewhat uninspiring videos for: Bega cheese, Husskisson, nsw, Bega breakfast, Narooma boat tour. . . . → Read More: Arcanacon XXIV – Swashbuckling, Exploration and Adventure

Bushfire Smoke

Well maybe those Yanks want to change the language to call it wildfire, but here the outback is called the bush and when there is a fire, it is a bushfire. I was at no risk here, stopped on the Hume Highway. The smoke was from fires over 100km away. But much of the . . . → Read More: Bushfire Smoke

Mr. Picassohead

I love simple but elegant and fun sites like this. If only Picasso had access to computers and the internet during his prime, I wonder what he might have produced? Then there is a long list of great artists who could have benefited.

This was quite a simple image to produce and took less . . . → Read More: Mr. Picassohead

deviantART: The Lounge Room by ~yewenyi

A great tradition is the Lounge Room. People customize them to meet their needs and aspirations.

Every year I go down to visit my relatives and visit this lounge room. This year I have not yet visited and will not be there for a few weeks.

See more . . . → Read More: deviantART: The Lounge Room by ~yewenyi

stunt double for Taj in Beastmaster

I feel that I have been left out! But then again, I cannot find a Taj in Beastmaster, but I can find one in a movie called Beast .

Brian Yap, Best Man — Friend and stunt double for Taj in Beastmaster.

The original document .

Getting a good play list on the iPod

I have spent some time getting my ipod playlists to do what I want. Here is my current configuration and I suppose, until Apple add some more features, it will stay that way. I have a 3G iPod. This method was first covered in much less detail at my page on Totally Gourdgeous & Penelope . . . → Read More: Getting a good play list on the iPod

One Minute Silence

I had never heard of this band until shortly after I left Dublin in 2002. I do not know if being an Irish band had anything to do with it, and I know not why the vocalist uses ‘Yap’ with the quotes as his middle name. If you know, a comment would be . . . → Read More: One Minute Silence

New NTU grads paid $100 more a month than NUS peers

By Jane Ng , The Straits Times, 12 Mar 2004

At least 50 of last year’s graduates are earning more than $44,000 a year, with a few students earning between $70,000 and $100,000 a year, he said. One top earner is Mr Brian Yap, 25, an associate at a . . . → Read More: New NTU grads paid $100 more a month than NUS peers

Warped buildings in Praha

IMG_8304Originally uploaded by 天曉得。. And I thought only Barcelona was advanced enough to build buildings like this. It is called the Dancing House. But I love it. The small thumbnail looked like there had been a disaster. But no, they build them that way.

A new approach here, this was added from Flickr, where . . . → Read More: Warped buildings in Praha