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TC Brian Yap Associates Worldwide

If you follow the link below, life is safe, follow any further and at the least is will want to set a lots of cookies, and do who knows what else. So this is my pseudo alter ego who is into Internet scams (by the look of it) and offers millions in return. . . . → Read More: TC Brian Yap Associates Worldwide

Holiday Parts 1 to 9 – A holiday in England

When I went on this holiday, I did not intend to make any movies. Rather I was just taking holiday snapshots and the odd short movie as a record of where I had been. The movies are good because I could get in a panorama. When I returned, I thougt of making a slide . . . → Read More: Holiday Parts 1 to 9 – A holiday in England

Why is it so?

Well I was thinking that there would be no post today, but decided that I needed to ask Dr Karl a question. Along the road, I found some old archival footage of Professor Julius Sumner Miller, who is perhaps one of the guilty parties in my interest for science. Typically, the shows on the site . . . → Read More: Why is it so?

aus nsw Newcastle swans dsc04881 edit 3 poster

aus nsw Newcastle swans dsc04881 edit 3 posterOriginally uploaded by yewenyi. At the end of the day, geocaching, we found ourselves in Blackbutt park in Newcastle. Here there are many animals and birds. The swans are the lucky ones and have their freedom.

I am not normally one for major distortions. So this is . . . → Read More: aus nsw Newcastle swans dsc04881 edit 3 poster

BrianYap’s Xanga Site

anime girls

Well here is another one, this time in California, USA. He is into anime as you can see from the image, cannot tell much else. The page is very glitzy and as a result impossible to read. Bit he seems to be at school.

. . . → Read More: BrianYap’s Xanga Site

Inside the phone

Watch the video This is test of sending a blog from my mobile phone via my video blogging site. The video is of Bethaney on Hogmanay. Does she think that she is simultaneously inside and outside the phone?

Also I have joined the commercial world and added a Google account. You’ll see the adds . . . → Read More: Inside the phone

Internet Archive: Details: Crazy 04 Summer

Well I was browsing the internet archive to see if I should upload my holiday videos, which I decided to do. I picked a few random samples which were not professional movies, as this is the catgeory my movies fall into. The second movie I selected was this little gemstone. The first half is particularly . . . → Read More: Internet Archive: Details: Crazy 04 Summer