Shalom monastery

Carcoar, Shalom monasteryOriginally uploaded by yewenyi. Some time ago, I visited a Green Family Reunion. They are another branch of my Blackman Ancestors. We met in Blaney, and they had an impressive array of family history documents and memorabilia. One day they organized for a tour of Carcoar and I took lots of photos. . . . → Read More: Shalom monastery

Top 10 Strangest iPod Accessories

Well I suppose this is not about the Internet, but I have an iPod and some of these things are so cool. I’ll have one of the Wurlitzer’s thanks…

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Sydney Harbor Bridge Footpath

AUS NSW Sydney Harbor Bridge DSC05136Originally uploaded by yewenyi. It seems that this foot path is one of the better kept secrets of Sydney, even though it is well sign-posted. Many locals have expressed surprise at it’s existence.

Recently they have turned it into fort Knox. The outer wall of barb wire was put . . . → Read More: Sydney Harbor Bridge Footpath

Fishing with Elisse and Jeremy

AUS VIC Weribee DSC05248Originally uploaded by yewenyi. While in Melbourne, to attend Arcanacon, I stayed with my brother in Weribee. One evening we went down to the entrance to the river and did some fishing. Unfortunately we did not catch any fish. Jeremy and Elisse were using prawns and shell fish. I used a . . . → Read More: Fishing with Elisse and Jeremy

Technorati Rank: 854,184

Not wanting to build up my ego, or what. I fond this site today, and looked up my main site. I rank in at a heady 854,184th most popular site. Well perhaps the only way is up. And this site is worse. 🙁

2 sites link to:


General . . . → Read More: Technorati Rank: 854,184

Taiko drummers in Sydney Town Hall.

A series of three mobile phone videos.

I had seen this on the net, and thought, probably should go. Luckily, Belinda also though the same and organized for us to go and see the show. Charlotte and Chris also attended.

We met before hand for dinner and . . . → Read More: Taiko drummers in Sydney Town Hall.

Artworks – February 22, 2006


Well this one is an American clothing shop. My pseudo alter ego produced this design for this clothing label . Cool. Maybe I should buy one… But it turns out, that while Brian Yap is on the front page with a link to the art work, the design is not . . . → Read More: Artworks – February 22, 2006

Pocket National Parks

aus nsw nepean river dsc05078Originally uploaded by yewenyi. Sydney is full of nice little pocket National Parks. It seems to be a hangover from the difficult terrain protecting areas from urban development. This one probably struggles to be small enough to be a pocket national park. I have been driving past it for many . . . → Read More: Pocket National Parks

Phil Potter

AUS NSW Narooma DSC05181 Originally uploaded by yewenyi.

And here is Phil at work.

Also see The Potters.

The Potters

AUS NSW Narooma DSC05171Originally uploaded by yewenyi. After driving down the coast and stopping off for a swim and tan, we stayed with the Potters. Enid (on the right) is my mother’s sister. Donna is her daughter and Ben is her granddaughter. I am on the left in my Thursday islander flag top. It . . . → Read More: The Potters