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a silent army

a silent armyOriginally uploaded by idogu.

This is not my image.

I had been staying in Xian for a few days. I had met up with these two Swedish girls and an American guy who lived in Tai Pei.

We hired a taxi for the day and traveled up to the terracotta warriors. Out . . . → Read More: a silent army

The rail line

AUS, VIC, Boggy Creek Bridge 1Originally uploaded by yewenyi.

The railway line was constructed into the Mountains from Albury to Corryong in around 1915 and this is one of the original bridges. In 1949 my grandfather, Percy Marks, moved to the property “Lightwood” on the Murray River near Jingellic. This was a soldier settler . . . → Read More: The rail line

The long and winding road

This is one of those silly sites. You put in a phrase and it uses google to generate text. I put in the title and got this pharagraph.

The long and winding road To the Tetons CLOSER did did did did did you see the Lightning and hear the thunder of the guns with . . . → Read More: The long and winding road

Geikie George – 2005/07/22

Geikie George is on the Fitzroy River, just north of Fitzroy crossing. The night before I had stayed in the Crossing Inn, in Fitzroy Crossing. In the morning I traveled up to the George and booked in on a hour long tour of the river. Later I walked up to the start of the Gorge . . . → Read More: Geikie George – 2005/07/22

Brian Yap – California

Here is a more innocent link… I wonder if there are any Brian Yap’s who are not Chinese?

I am Brian Yap. I am Chinese. I speak Cantonese, English, and Spanish(spanish I). I am 15 years Old. May 13. I go to Yerba Buena. I play tennis. I am . . . → Read More: Brian Yap – California

ARL Grand final sept 2001

ARL Grand final sept 2001 c Originally uploaded by yewenyi. Not having lived in Australia until I was 5 1/2 I was a late comer to the Australian sports. I think I lived in Melbourne for a year and a half before I discovered the AFL. The rugby leagues just happened somewhere else. Only . . . → Read More: ARL Grand final sept 2001

Glamis Palace

ThistleOriginally uploaded by yewenyi. I ended up here a little by chance. I had been heading down the coast to visit some castles. Having visited the castles, I was not enjoying the coastline. I stopped at a tourist information center. The woman there suggested that I visit Glamis Palace. The place is magnificent.

The . . . → Read More: Glamis Palace

View from Moon Rock

View from Moon RockOriginally uploaded by mgjefferies. After we arrived in KunMing on the train from ErMeiShan, Barbara and Arthur went down to the train station to book out train trip to Gui Lin. But when they reached the station, there was a queue around the block and they said there were perhaps 8,000 . . . → Read More: View from Moon Rock

The noisy miner

AUS NSW Paddington centennial Park DSC02526 Originally uploaded by yewenyi. One day, when I had to work on a Sunday evening, I spent the afternoon in centennial Park taking photos and this is one of the photos I took. The birds were quite tame, and if you were careful you could get quite close. . . . → Read More: The noisy miner