Fake opera houses

fake opera housesOriginally uploaded by yewenyi. I am pretty sure that this is in Jiu Jiang on the Yang Tze river. If you know which city this is in, please let me know.

In 1992-1993 I was in China with Barbara, Arthur and Friedel Braun. We had traveled along the YangTze River from Nan . . . → Read More: Fake opera houses

The wreck of the Cherry Venture

The wreck of the Cherry Venture Originally uploaded by yewenyi. My grandparents moved to Caloundra in Queensland in 1972. After this we began the trek of driving to Caloundra for our summer holidays. I remember when they were still trying to float this boat. It was on the new quite often when the tide . . . → Read More: The wreck of the Cherry Venture


Yogyakarta 2 in 1991Originally uploaded by yewenyi.

Yogyakarta in 1991

I stayed in the room behind where I took this photo for a about 3 or 4 days. It was a wondefull place, and I used a rick-shaw to get into town. However, I electrocuted myself on the lamp just out of view of . . . → Read More: Electrocution


If this was not so tragic it would be foolish. It would seem that of the 537 pages out there that google returns with my name (though there are others I know of who have the same name – yewenyi – on the net), 135 are considered pornographic. Well google, both numbers are . . . → Read More: Slut-o-Meter