Winter Magic Festival

Well, after years of thinking, I should go to one of these things one of these days, I finally bit the bullet and did so. I headed off to the Winter Magic Festival. And I have to say, it was really great.

The official web site appears to have vanished, but I have left a . . . → Read More: Winter Magic Festival

End of an era at 167 Arthurton Road Northcote

Well, I have sold my house in Northcote.

The story started in 1991. Work had been treatening to send me to Adelaid for over 12 months. In the end I gave up and purchased this property with the intention of moving in and renovating. During the 90 day settlement period I moved to Adelaide for . . . → Read More: End of an era at 167 Arthurton Road Northcote

Websites as graphs

Well this is an interesting little nick-nack. It seems to take a page and make a graph based on the tags in the page. There is no indication that it does more than one page, and the simplicity of some of the graphs probably bears this out. Here are three of my sites. For some . . . → Read More: Websites as graphs

Sydney Photo Bloggers

Well I joined the Sydney photo bloggers some time ago and only after a false start did I actually make it to one of the meetings. We met in a cafe I drive past every day on my way to work. After an hour or so of coffee, chatting, food and photo taking a group . . . → Read More: Sydney Photo Bloggers

A walk around Bicentennial Park in Homebush Bay

The next major walk is around bicentennial Park in Sydney Olympic park. This used to be an industrial and military area. With the Olympics in 2000, the land was reclaimed and rehabilitated. These images are thumbnail images that point at medium size images on Flickr and there you can also see full sized versions . . . → Read More: A walk around Bicentennial Park in Homebush Bay

Get Off the Road – A cache set in LOTR

Geocaching |

This is an interesting Geocaching blog entry. I’m not sure how they do it as it is from an image on Flickr. I made a comment, which you can see with the picture, if you follow the link and it turns out that near there is a geocache!

Read more . . . → Read More: Get Off the Road – A cache set in LOTR

Lelaki Komunis Terakhir (The Last Communist)

Well it seems that my malaysian name sake is still writing. I am starting to take a liking to him.

AND so it has come to pass. Despite MPs and a significant number of commentators finding nothing objectionable with Amir Muhammad’s The Last Communist, the film will remain banned. . . . → Read More: Lelaki Komunis Terakhir (The Last Communist)

A walk around Parramatta Lake

The other day I decided to walk around Parramatta Lake. After having first walked to Parramatta to do some shopping.

To view the images in a larger size, click on them. They should open in a new window, or tab if you have firefox set up correctly.

Following only the instructions from the GPS unit, . . . → Read More: A walk around Parramatta Lake