Mega Food Fair

The Mega Food Fair is an annual event, recently held in Beecroft. I went there because Keat (and her mother and auntie) had a food stall. It was great, the food really good and I left totally full. The Menu:

1) Nasi Lemak2) Chicken Curry3) Vegetarian Spring Roll4) Beancurd with cinnamon and5) Ice Kachang The . . . → Read More: Mega Food Fair

Make hommus not war

protest / make hommusOriginally uploaded by traceytakesphotos. I love the proliferation of photos from the protest yesterday, unfortunately I did not read the group post till the afternoon and so did not get there. But there are lots of photos on Flickr of this protest. This is my favorite image. . . . → Read More: Make hommus not war

Carisbrook House

Well this is starting to be prolific. The other day while going to Mosman to see some photos of children in Iraq, I stopped at Carisbrook House. I have driven past the sign many times, and never stopped there. Unfortunately I seem to have not taken a photo of the house itself. The . . . → Read More: Carisbrook House

Prospect Reservoir

Built between 1888 and 1893, (the valve house was finished in 1887) it is part of Sydney’s water supply. I went down there to learn to use my new camera and these are some of the photos. There are more photos at this link.

Prospect Reservoir

The history, click on it see the . . . → Read More: Prospect Reservoir

Lewis Morley

I went to the Art Gallery of New South Wales with some of the Sydney Photobloggers. We were there to see the Lewis Morley exhibition. I arrived early and wandered around taking some photos of the gallery and playing on the computers. The Lewis Morley exhibition was quite interesting. At first I was a little . . . → Read More: Lewis Morley

Burned Food

Well I have been cooking this meal for many years, but last night, for the first time in so long I cannot remember I completely got it wrong. Smoke filled the house, the smoke detector did not go off, even though there was a foot thick layer of smoke directly underneath it. I mush have . . . → Read More: Burned Food

Views and Vertigo

The other day I was driving over the Gladesville Bridge and saw the lovely view so I decided to stop to take some photos. The bridge is over 100 feet above the water and I suffer from vertigo. So I walked up to the edge, stuck my camera though the fence and took some shots . . . → Read More: Views and Vertigo

The source of all those views

About a month ago, I added a little utility to some of my pages, not including the family history ones, which show where in the world the clicks are coming from. It is quite and interesting graph.

The web site that generates them is:

. . . → Read More: The source of all those views

Italy wins the world cup.

Well, I was on my way to bondi junction this morning to visit the dentist. I was driving along the road I normally travel to work along, through upmarket and leafy Haberfield when I noticed cars tooting their horns. As I progressed down the road there was more tooting. Then I saw a flag and . . . → Read More: Italy wins the world cup.