No emails :-(

Well the two emails I sent in English, one to tea guesthouse and the other to DaIn ferry company, have not received replies. Perhaps I am being impatient. But I did have a dream of tea guesthouse that said that they have received my booking and changed it to 4 days from three days. Very . . . → Read More: No emails 🙁

Going away picnic

Well, after being prompted by Belinda, as I had not even though of this, I am having a going away Picnic thing. It is to be at Parramatta Park on Sunday 8 October at 12 midday. If there is rain it will be at Sandra’s Place. There are tables but I do not remember if . . . → Read More: Going away picnic

DaLian and Port Arthur

Well I was reading some info on DaLian (大连) and wondering; where is Port Arthur? Is DaLian Port Arthur? Well it turns out it is not. Port Arthur was 40 nautical miles further south, close enough to visit. It is now called 旅顺口( Lu3shan4kou3). Maybe I should go there for a day or two. I . . . → Read More: DaLian and Port Arthur


I forgot to mention. Two days ago, I went to the bank. I swapped my accounts around on my backup card and ordered a key card as a final backup. When overseas you generally only have access to the primary savings account on the card. So it is important that the right account be the . . . → Read More: Banking

Google adds

It is quite fascinating to see what adds google will offer on the link above. At first we got cheap hotels, and Korea tourism sites. Then we moved onto Chinese visa application sites. And now (and perhaps little more worryingly) we are getting 5 star hotels and Chinese dating sites. I will keep an eye . . . → Read More: Google adds

Tea Guesthouse

Sent off an emil to confirm they received my booking and to extend it by one day.

Korea Rail Pass

I have chickened out of driving for now. I have purchased a Korea Rail Pass for 10 days, the longest available from STA travel here in Paddington. At first they were not sure if they sold the passes. STA is listed on the Korea Rail web page, but I did not know if all their . . . → Read More: Korea Rail Pass


After some hunting around the site and using a dashboard widget to translate, I found an emial address for the ferry company on their web site. It was not under the carefully labeled in english – Contact Us, button, but on the prices page. The price does not include the 1,000 won for something I . . . → Read More: Ferry

A visit to the doctor

I visited my doctor (Dr Herat). I am taking drugs for high blood pressure and for high cholesterol. Though the latter seems to be back under control. Normally with prescription drugs you can only get one repeat at a time. But as I am going to be away for so long I need to get . . . → Read More: A visit to the doctor

Paddington Gorillas

We do not have Paddington Bears here in Paddington, unlike the popular misconception. We have Paddington Gorillas. This pair are being questioned by the local speed limit, radar gun, police man.