Imperial Palaces and Harbin

Well I visited the old Manchurian Imperial palace in Shengyang. The one they built before they went on to conquer Beijing. It is a world heritage site and was well set up. The entry fee was the highest i have had to pay yet. Inside they had some interesting army exhibitions from the period and . . . → Read More: Imperial Palaces and Harbin


Well it seems I was a bit presumptive about the hotel charges at Dalian. The extra money was the deposit and I got it back when I checked out. So when I checked into my hotel here in Shengyang, I was prepared and even was able to use the correct word for deposit.

The . . . → Read More: Shengyang

Dalian – day two

Well it is day two in China. I have to say, I am impressed by how much the country has progressed. But the change continues at a pace that is just so fast.

I started out wandering up to the Russian part of the city.On the way there was percussion band playing. So I stopped . . . → Read More: Dalian – day two


I hope this works as I do not seem to be able to access my home page or blog from here in the internet cafe. So I am sending this from my email.

I caught the ferry from Incheon. Using the subway was easy, but slow and then I got a cab. The ferry . . . → Read More: Dalian

in preperation for being cold

Well I have just looked at the weather forecast:

Dalian: 7 to 18Shnngyang: 0 to 15Harbin: -3 to 10

So I have packed the gloves and thermals at the top of the bag.

photos from seoul

I have also updated the map.

Chuncheon and back to Seoul

Well I escaped the storms on the East Coast. There were pictures on the TV this morning of workers repairing the rail link I had traveled on the day before as the sea tried to claim it for itself.

By morning the rain had stopped, though it seemed to still be raining to the . . . → Read More: Chuncheon and back to Seoul

next batch of photos….

of storms and mountian scenery.


Well the showers clearing forecast should have read, wild seas, strong winds, flooding, snow, flying iron and no taxis.

I was trying to sit out the storm in my hotel room on Jeongdongjin, when at about 10AM the power went out. I was impressed that the reclosing circuit breakers were able to have 4 . . . → Read More: Gangneung

more photos

photos from danyang to joengdongjin.