Mobile email dramas

Well I have had a small drama with the mail on the mobile phone. It stopped working yesterday. I could not log in by the phone or by the Internet. I called them this morning and they reset the account. Now it is working again. There were no emails after the reset so I may . . . → Read More: Mobile email dramas

Of the Victoria and NSW police Forces

Some strange happenings on both fronts.

. . . → Read More: Of the Victoria and NSW police Forces

Korean Toilets

In some places in Korea, the ones I saw were in Seoul and Busan and in restaurants, they have small toilets marked male and female. However, the male toilet is in fact the urinal and the female toilet has the toilet bowl.

map updates

Oops, I upgraded to the new blogger and my inserts stopped working. I added a new < div > section and hopefully all is fixed.

I have added all the places I stayed to the community walk map. I was having some troubles with the lines, so I have not updated the lines. . . . → Read More: map updates

The best

I had not really considered this, but Tebby and a few others had asked me what was the highlight of the trip. I do not think that there is a single thing that stands out, so I will include a list, not in order from top to bottom, but in order occurrence.

Staying at the . . . → Read More: The best

Weight Loss Program

Well, I now know a very effective way to loose weight. Travel overseas. I think I lost most of the weight in Korea. This is because of a diet high in vegetables and high in mountain climbing, combined with hot weather and high humidity. The travel sections of my travel blog are complete and I . . . → Read More: Weight Loss Program

Last of the travel posts

This is the last of my travel posts. I plan to add a few posts later to describe specific things and events.

I spent my last day in HK traveling to Lan Tao to visit a chair lift. The yellow rain alert had been cleared the previous evening, but the rain persisted. I met . . . → Read More: Last of the travel posts

A rainy day in HK

Well I started the day slowly. I slept in so much I almost missed breakfast. After an attempt to leave for Macao. I decided that I was too tired. So I spent the morning my hotel room. At lunch I left to send my papers (maps and brochures) I have collected in a package by . . . → Read More: A rainy day in HK

Visiting Work

Today I had an easy day after the hectic last few days. I went to work and visited my work colleagues here in HK. An unexpected thing happened. We had a fire drill HK style. This in itself was interesting. They has signs on the stairs where there might be confusion about the correct direction . . . → Read More: Visiting Work

Outlying Island

Yesterday ended with a meeting between the remnants of our group to see the light show and then we had dinner at the Outback Steakhouse. I uploaded a photo of this before, as I had seen a car of this place in Busan. However, it was interesting to actually go to the place and eat. . . . → Read More: Outlying Island