Peat’s Ridge Festival

Charlotte and I went to the Peat’s Ridge Festival, strangely enough held in Peat’s Ridge, just north of Sydney. It was an interesting day and was the first festival of this kind I have been too. I purchased a tin whistle and Charlotte a bamboo hat.

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Malaysians have to try harder…

Another reference to the Brian Yap who works for the New Straights Times. This time by an Australian called Kerry Collison.

In 1990, Malaysia was ranked fourth in the United Nations’ foreign direct investment ranking. Last year, we dropped to 62.

Interestingly the next article by Kerry says the following: ASIO has stepped . . . → Read More: Malaysians have to try harder…



I posted an image on Flickr that mentioned Nigeria, because some of the people who left writing in image were from Nigeria. It turns out now that the image has been trawled at this site as one of theirq Nigeria images.

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Chuncheon (춘천)

Because of the floods I changed my travel plans and ended up in Cuncheon. Here there was an island to be visited. I regret now, not hiring a bicycle.

I do not know why, but there seemed to be some reason why I should not go to Chuncheon. There was even a heated argument. I . . . → Read More: Chuncheon (춘천)

windows installation

Well I installed Windows XP on my MAC. I have not installed any windows apps yet apart from the flickr desktop image changer. It all went very smoothly and hopefully I have convinced it (the computer) that macosx is the default operating system.

Step 1: Create a partition, much easier than I expected. I have . . . → Read More: windows installation

Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race

When in Jingellic and later in Caloundra, I used to always watch the start of this race on TV. Now I have been going to the race. This year I went to Neilsen Park in Vucluse. It was a cool day, but sunny. Much better than the previous years when it was very hot.

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Orphan’s christmas lunch

I went to a Christmas party organised by two very talented Americans. It was held in Waverton and has some of the best views of Sydney Harbour in existence. The air was clean, having been washed by all the rain on the previous days.

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Taiwan Earthquake

Well I spent most of today working on the effects of the four Taiwan earthquakes. I work in international telecommunications and there were several cable breaks on the cables around Taiwan. When I had some time, I looked on the net to see what the media were saying. I was surprised that only one news . . . → Read More: Taiwan Earthquake

Jeongdongjin (정동진)

I went there to see the north Korean submarine, but an unforecast storm and the associated flooding meant I never got there. What was interesting was an endless supply of sculptures and of course the two boats up on the hill.


Well we spent the day on the lower north shore. Meeting up, as is becoming usual, at Gordon. Turned left this time onto the Pacific Highway. Started with a cache in Chatswood. Then Artarmon, Crows Nest and ended up in Naremburn. (the last one is famous hey!) We found the following caches: No rest for . . . → Read More: Geocaching