finished the race in 23’52”

Well, another woman with my name. This time a race result.

21 P2 YIP MAN YEE 葉文意 F 7 9 78% 23’52

葉文意 – Radio Anouncer

One of the people with the same name as me in Chinese (葉文意) is a radio announcer in HK. You can follow this link to a page in Chinese. Select the link to listen to the radio show. The show is in Cantonese.

This is the first of the Buddhist . . . → Read More: 葉文意 – Radio Anouncer


Well it is a little after the event, last week, after I purchased my tin whistle, I did some geocaching. I visited some nice places in the Blue Mountains.

. . . → Read More: Geocaching

Bushwackers on iTunes

Well, I have not been an iTunes convert. Every time a music store opens up, I go and look for music by the Bushwackers. I used to go their dances at the Melbourne Show Grounds, before they were forced to close down. Always, I never find their albums. They only every released a few compilations . . . → Read More: Bushwackers on iTunes


Here in Sydney I come across the saying, you need to have a passport to go to Parramatta. I do not understand this. Though it sounds like it might be a racist term. I work on Passport equipment at work so I often use the term. A while back they changed the name to MSS . . . → Read More: Passports

jpeg magazine

I just submitted a photo to the Jpeg magazine for their next edition. So pop over and vote. I think this will work until the 31st of January. There are two photos now. Click on the photo image to vote for my photo.

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Picture Australia

Well in a way this is a plug as I have been loading my photos here for a while. Picture Australia have been running a flickr group for some time now. They grab photos and upload them to their site as thumbnails linking back to the original. When people search the National Archives, they can . . . → Read More: Picture Australia

One of the banes of my life!

Well this man wrote the one program that causes me more problems than any other. Even more problems than that horrible cisco term flapping. Yes I am sad to say… this man wrote the ping program. Not only did he write it, but he wrote it in one night with no planning. Bastard I say!

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Why apathy is the coolest thing out there

Well my name sake in Malaysia has an article on Malaysia Today, though it also quotes the New Straights Times. He writes about how what is holding Malaysian Politics back is the apathy of young people more intent on economic wealth. Sounds remarkably reminiscent of what is happening here in Australia. The laws . . . → Read More: Why apathy is the coolest thing out there

D and C whistle

At the Peat’s Ridge Festival, I wanted to purchase two tin whistles (though only one was made of tin). However, I could not use my credit card, and I did not have enough cash to buy both. There was a long queue at the ATM. So today I headed off to Leura to purchase the . . . → Read More: D and C whistle