Muallaf (The Convert)

Well it seems he (the Malaysian Brian Yap) is now off to make a move…

Yasmin is currently working on a new film project, Muallaf (The Convert), in which she hopes to feature newcomer Brian Yap, better known as a writer and columnist for the New Straits Times.

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Well last Thursday was another Flickr meet. Quite a different group of people this time. Had an interesting conversation with some of Gun’s Thai friends. The conversation works closely enough to a Malaysian-Chinese one so it is very familiar in style.


Well, I spent another day geocaching, this time up in Ku-Ring-Gai NP and on the north shore. I have put the photos in my queue for processing. Here is a graph of my finds to date. Click on the graph to view the latest version.

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Well, I have found that a good way to break up the long drive to Melbourne (900 odd km and more than 10 hours) is to stop and so some caching. I ended up visiting the town of Benalla, but unfortunately I was there too soon for the best place for a hamburger (at least . . . → Read More: Geocaching

Chinese shadow

I love the poetry…

影子呀 中文寫作 影子 -5A 葉文意 影子呀,影子, 你想和我玩捉迷藏嗎? 怎麼你老是躲在人家後 面, 你究竟怕甚麼? 影子呀,影子, 為甚麼你那麼笨? 你永遠只站在人家後面, 沒有人能注意到 你, 你不寂寞嗎? 影子呀,影子, 為甚麼你老是在模仿人家? 你究意有沒有自己的主見? 你想不想 做回真正的自己呢? 影子呀,影子, 出來吧! 不要再躲了,讓我看看真正的你

which translates according to google (with a little edit) as:

Chinese shadow-5A writing shadow Ye Wen Yi

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Family History

A little note on the family tree. I have not worked on it for some time. My plan is to work on it again. But I am waiting until the Leopard version of the Mac operating system comes out. The reason, I used a PC program and I gave my last PC to my mother . . . → Read More: Family History

Beijing and terrorists

It has been a while. I have been uploading photos, but not writing my blog. This is because I have much to say, but need time to consider how to say it. So I will break it down into bits that are more manageable.

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Am I single

I do not believe how much confusion one statement can create. A long time ago, I put a statement on my ICQ account that I am single. Quite innocent. But it seems that people think the I am a single when I make this statement. Now, I have nothing against the singles of the world. . . . → Read More: Am I single