TC Brian Yap

He is back! This page is even weirder.

TC Brian Yap’s Experience

Owner B.R.I.A.N. Global Group (Telecommunications industry) August 2006 — Present (9 months)

TC Brian Yap’s Education

La Salle PJ (I wonder where this is?) 1976 — 1978


Work History

According to the internet…

Brian YAP Reach Inc 2350 Maywood Drive Klamath Falls, OR 97603-4569 Brian YAP’s Job History Reach Inc 2006


Brian Yap Cisco Systems Capital Corp 170 West Tasman Drive San Jose, CA 95134-1706 Brian Yap’s Job History Cisco Systems Capital Corp 2003—2006


Higland Festival

I visited Bundanoon with Keat. I have some Scottish blood in my family tree. On one side we have the Balgowans and further back the Shands of Ryhnie and Essie in Aberdeenshire. I guess that they were Jacobite’s and left at the end of the last Jacobite rebellion during the land clearances. . . . → Read More: Higland Festival

Mt Druitt

When I first arrived in Sydney, people wanted to know what I thought of Mt Druitt. Not wanting to be offensive I said it was OK. Why should I dislike Mt Druitt? I still do not know. I was there only a few weekends ago to go shopping. I could see no reason to dislike . . . → Read More: Mt Druitt

on Vladimir Putin

Previously I mentioned Boris Yeltsin and the Russian view. However, when I was in Moscow, it was Vladimir Putin who was in power. I have always found Putin creepy and scary. After all, he is a KGB man. But on listening to some speeches by John F Kennedy, I formed a different view. I think . . . → Read More: on Vladimir Putin

Let we forget

While wondering through my friends photos accounts I can across this image. I nearly fell off the back of my chair. It is just so good. Click on the link and check this out and more other images. This ANZAC day image it is a great reminder of our past.

.flickr-photo { border: solid . . . → Read More: Let we forget

Animated Gifs

I have been playing with animated gifs in Gimp. To see the animation click on the file, but be warned, they are about 3MB and will take a while to load.

Boris Yeltsin

Just a short note: Boris Yeltsin died. One of the things that I found surprising when traveling in Russia is just how much the Russians love the fellow. In fact, the view of Yeltsin and Mikhail Gorbachev in Russian and in Australia are opposites. In Russia, Gorbachev is seen as a traitor to the Russians, . . . → Read More: Boris Yeltsin

on ANZAC day, asians and the RSL

A little rambling commentary as it is ANZAC day today.

My grandfather was a fitter and turner in the RAAF in WWII. He is considered a hero. My father lived as a child in Ipoh during the Japanese occupation. The assistance of these people against the Japanese occupiers is completely unrecognized and he is instead . . . → Read More: on ANZAC day, asians and the RSL

Seal type mental commitment robot

A very cute little robot used to help patients in psychiatric wards. The videos are very cool. They used a seal as people are less familiar with them and hence they do not have such strong built in expectations about how they should behave.