Shinto Shrine

There is a very long, very round tunnel, just tall enough to stand in. There are no lights, but this is not a problem. It is a test. Will he go in. At the end is a bright light. I can see it is a shrine. It is clearly something to do with Japan. Out . . . → Read More: Shinto Shrine

seymour trip

distance: 2,400.50 kmmoving time: 29:09 (hours)stopped time: 4:05 (not including time GPS turned off)average speed while moving: 82.3 kmhaverage speed including stopped time: 72.2 kmh

includes some time walking.

mushroom steak

We had dinner at the Donnybrook pub. Though the pub has a more Irish name, the food had more of an American source. Large servings, being really too much to eat. For $20 I got the Mushroom Steak. The mushroom was good, the sauce ok, the veges reasonable, but the steak, while huge, was tough. . . . → Read More: mushroom steak

A bit of geocaching near Junee

I stopped here to do some Geocaching. The photos are on Flickr.

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Graham 1947 . . . → Read More: A bit of geocaching near Junee

wind farm at crookwell

driving from Sydney to Melbourne, and not by the most direct route, I passed by the wind farm at Crookwell. My third great grand parents lived in this part of NSW.

.flickr-photo { border: solid 2px #000000; }.flickr-yourcomment { }.flickr-frame { text-align: left; padding: 3px; }.flickr-caption { font-size: 0.8em; margin-top: 0px; } wind farm, originally . . . → Read More: wind farm at crookwell

catching a tram

I am in a house in a street near where I live. But I now live in this house. The people in the house are people who I have never known. The house is a two story terrace house in the inner northern suburbs of Melbourne. I try to talk to the people. This does . . . → Read More: catching a tram


I thought this before I came here, I still think it: The best thing to do in Sydney is to hop on a ferry. Not the manly one, not the tarronga zoo one, not the parramatta one, but one of the inner harbour ferries. The ones with open decks. travel around, walk around the very . . . → Read More: ferries

celebrity lookalikes

Well, except for the first one, I only vaguely recognize some of the others. LOL But – Peter Sellers and KD Lang.


I am weary of the hate directed in this city towards the people of Redfern for several reasons:

I lived in Redfern and I refuse to hate myself. Is it not sad that people have to believe that the bad things in life happen somewhere else and then they proceed to actually believe their delusion. . . . → Read More: Redfern

green and cream

this is a very old one, from the 1980’s:

I am walking down a street. I walk through unnoticed. I always arrive through a side street onto the main thorougfare. On this thoroughfare are many buildings of a victorian england style of architecture. Big arched windows with small pannels of glass, every building . . . → Read More: green and cream