My counterpart in HK again.


Radio 5 “air locally” program, thousands of air preaching, the degree of countless affinity, every Sunday the sound of law spread to radio drama interpretation of Buddhism, in-depth family. This year, the program entered the 20th year, in order to commemorate this meaningful day, the 5th Hong Kong and . . . → Read More: My counterpart in HK again.


Back in 1999 the first time I visited Beijing, I stayed at the 北京大學 on the recommendation of a man from Taiwan in Xian. I walked there from the underground station. However, it was about 500 meters further than I thought. When at what I though was the right spot I came across some men . . . → Read More: 北京大學

Blood pressure

I am making a concerted attempt to get it down. I am taking drugs and Chinese medicine, and now have a graph of the data. I will see how it goes over the next few months.

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the benefit gained from decpit and deception

There is a major driver in the business world toward deceit and a major requirement for honesty and transparency. What we have here is a fundamental conflict that is part of the powerhouse that drives forward the economy and society.

Rambling commentary:

If one is in a car crash, and you know you made a . . . → Read More: the benefit gained from decpit and deception

Don’t care

In boolean algebra, people often wrongly think that there are only two logic states: true and false, or 1 and 0 in the world of digital logic. However in boolean algebra there are two super states. Care and don’t care. That is in Care, the 1 and 0 are important. In don’t care, their value . . . → Read More: Don’t care

Penrith Shutter Bugs

I went down to the Penrith Shutterbugs a few times. On the whole they are a great group of people who I get along with very well. But there is one man who is harassing me. He is Chris, otherwise known as goodmorningaustralia.

Here are some of the things Chris has done so far (over . . . → Read More: Penrith Shutter Bugs


Sydney Buses is really not one company. It is two. The other day I had the pleasure I have not had in quite a while of using the other one. Company 1 is the North Shore Company. Company two is the South Shore Company.

North Shore: (This mostly applied to the Lower North . . . → Read More: Buses

electric train dreams

This set of dreams has to do with an electric train network. There are lots of different variations. So I’ll only list what I can remember for now and probably come along later and add more.

The train network consists of a very complicated set of lines in the city with a couple . . . → Read More: electric train dreams

Marrickville Crime

Well the numbers really are not good (they are per 100,000 units).

Steal From a Motor Vehicle

4 North Sydney 2866.7 5 Marrickville 2377.7 6 Woolahra 2240.2 6

Motor Vehicle Theft

3 Campbelltown 1525.4 4 Marrickville 1479.0 5 Liverpool 1472.0

Break and Enter Dwelling

8 Gilgandra 1941.7 9 Marrickville 1844.0 10 Wollongong 1836.3

Westmead . . . → Read More: Marrickville Crime

twitter meeting

Well I went to the first twitter meeting in Sydney at Pier 26. It was an interesting night and I met lots of new people. A very geeky crowd.

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